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Welcome to Melbourne 23/08/12

Discussion in 'The Pub' started by MelbourneMick, Aug 23, 2012.

  1. We got it all

  2. So true mate, it does keep you guessing and the weather forcasters:p.
  3. And you think this is something new?????
  4. Adelaide was exactly the same today, umbrella, sunglasses, umbrella. Even snowed in them thar hills.
  5. At work around 3pm is was sunny then hail came then the rain then back to sunny... I can't keep up with the weather :)
  6. Like everything else in SA the Victorians will pinch it eventually, this weather they can have it.

    Not all that fun riding in hail on a hills road with no where to pull over and wait it out, so thankful for the nice wide Renthal fatbars today.
  7. We didn't get any of that down our way Mick.
  8. That's the best part of Melbourne Weather, if you don't like it - just wait a minute!
  9. I saw the the lightning, and decided to leave work and carry on working from home to try to avoid the worst of it (i didn't have my wet weather gear with me)... things didn't exactly work out like that though. I got caught in the torrential rain, hail and lightshow, and by the time i was home it had stopped and was sunny again. Arrgh.
  10. It completely missed some areas but on the bay we got smashed
  11. We cancelled a ride due to forecast apocalyptic conditions last week (gale force winds, hail, thunder, locusts....ok I made that one up) and the day turned out fine, sunny and warm (ish). I guess the consolation is that the weather is warming up.

    I made a decision that I was going to ride right through winter (I know people that don't) and I'm glad I did, despite the occasional sub-zero starts accompanied by frozen bits :D....... roll on summer. Cheers.
  12. Morning was so summery I broke out the summer gloves. Had to go to West Melbourne in the afternoon (from Dingley), but I was warned about what was coming so decided to go home and get the cage. It was so windy on the way home that the wheels were getting kicked out from under me (which I HATE), even on the heavier bike.

    Got caught in the traffic on the Mash on the way home (thanks to some tailgating idiots having a get together near Forster Rd) and got caught in the rain/hail/lightning show. I wonder if I would have been caught if I'd been on the bike b/c I would have filtered past it all a lot quicker.

    Still glad I went in the cage - the wind was truly disturbing.
  13. Wow, I missed all this, then again I am in Singapore at the moment :)
  14. Got a good view of my from out my office window, which was the best place to see it.

    Could see it turning really ugly out over the bay, a little bit lighter towards the You Yangs and not so bad in the airport direction. Then when the hail hit it was almost sideways.

    It was funny looking down at all the ants running around below.
  15. Today seems similar as well. When I left home, it was bright and sunny and now it's intermittent rain, windy and F*** COLD.

    Will be a fun ride home. :)