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Welcome to me

Discussion in 'Welcome Lounge' started by Stone Capone, Mar 9, 2007.

  1. YO!!!

    Having been introduced to this site by my good friend MG, I must say that I hope I'll enjoy hanging out here!!!

    I was a rider once... before the accident... *flash back starts* :LOL:

    I was enjoying riding my Virago along Beach Rd in Black Rock VIC, when as I cruised through the clock tower round about a tosser in a little convertible decided not to stop and give way. He came through without looking and cleaned me and my Virago up.

    So off we went to the Alfred Hospital and after a couple of hours of obs they sent me home, no x-rays no scans. 8 months later I started getting celulitis in the leg his car hit and next thing you know im in Frankston Hospital with an absess the size of a mans wallet on my left shin.

    So after almost 2 weeks of draining they decided to "go in". They cut a nice hole in the front of my leg so they could "clean it out", and so now 4 months out of hospital I no longer have the hole but we're still trying to heal it up with daily visits from good old RDNS.

    Now that the "accident story" is out of the way, I'll tell you a little about me. I'm one third of Melbourne hip hop group Triple Threat Crew. You may have read the article MG posted that RACV did on us. I am single with a 6 year old daughter that lives with her mum and I love music, basketball and long walks on the beach... hahaha... just kidding!!!

    There it is people... Hi I'm SC :grin:
  2. G'day and welcome to the forums - whaddya reckon your next bike'll be?
  3. A good Q...

    For ages I was like... nah no more bikes... but the more I watch Rossi the more I wanna ride again... lol

    Maybe another cruiser... yeah that sounds good
  4. Yeah, welcome to Netrider. Any friend of MG's is .... er ..... oh forget it, welcome anyway :LOL:.

    Sorry to hear about your misadventure, but if you've still got two legs that work, then give in to your Rossi fantasies and get another bike.
  5. welcome to netrider
  6. welcome SC should we be worried you mates with MG :LOL: jks

    that would have to be te first time your post hasnt contained a form of get the new pic MG :LOL:
  7. Welcome SC,
    If that was you in the pic you'd look good on a suzuki boulevard.
  8. Bloody favouritism :furious: if anyone else said they were friends of mg they'd have there post pulled :grin:
    welcome 2 nr sc
  9. Thanks for the love... but I'm starting to wonder if I've made friends with the wrong person... :LOL:

    Right now I wanna get a new car, but once my leg's all good I hope to get back on... can't wait to see Vali show them how it's done tonight...

    VIVA LA FOXTEL... :LOL: :applause:
  10. Even when I come on here I can't escape Foxtel!!!

    Welcome!! :cool:
  11. Vali got 2nd... DAMNIT!!!

    Well done to Casey... finally he stayed upright for a full race :LOL:
  12. Welcome SC. That crash sure sounded to have lasting repurcussions :(
    Hope you'll be completely better so you don't look too freaky :p
  13. Hahaha... r u trying to say I look freaky now???

  14. Nothin' wrong with the freaky look... we take all types here :wink:

    Welcome to NR, SC *waves*

    Oh yeah, and if you didn't want your Virago anymore you could've just given it to me :grin: (J/K - hope your leg's back to normal real quick)
  15. Welcome SC.
  16. :LOL:

    If I'd known you a year ago I might have, but what's in it for me?

    :wink: :LOL:
  17. Now you'll never know :p