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Welcome to me!!!

Discussion in 'Welcome Lounge' started by Maximus, Dec 18, 2006.

  1. Hi everyone!!!

    I was reading you guys forever but finally actually joined. I'm a pretty new rider. Got my first bike in August and it's a black Honda CBF 250. Love riding it lots even though i've already managed to have some hard times out there. All started one day when i finished work and came outside to go home just to find out that my back tyre was flat and there was still a piece of metal sitting in it. Ride home is 45 km one way. Took me ages to get it home. changed the tyre and stuff all good. Back on the road. decided not to leave it outside anymore. Left it in the parking lot today. Out of sight and out of dirty hands of pedestrians. Finished work, all pumped about nice weather to ride. Came downstairs-the bike is scratched... Why???? Why???? Is it that hard to just walk by??? Anyways, it's due for a service, so now i've got even more reasons to take down to Honda guys.

    Anyways,just wanted to introduce myself and say hi to all of you.
  2. Welcome, Maximus, glad you've got some good use out of the site already.
  3. Yep, welcome & have fun!
  4. Welcome gluteus Maximus & better luck with ya bike mate. :wink:
  5. gee day mate :grin:
  6. Welcome Maximus :grin:
  7. Welcome Maximus :)
  8. Welcome Maximus, sorry to hear of your bike woes... surely fitting a little alarm system on it and accidentally setting it off before you leave it will keep prying hands off. ;)
  9. Welcome to the world of commuting maximus.
  10. Hey guys,

    thanks a lot to all of you for your welcomes. Really nice to hear that.
    Had a follow up on scratches today and unfortunately the security cameras just missed my bike like by a meter. But hey, if i was so unlucky for the past week, imight as well win the lottery the next one :grin:
  11. :eek: Gee who'd you piss off? I'm sure everyone has been saying to u things happen in three's but your just getting some voodoo karma crap out of the way & good things are sure to be on the horizon.
    I know it's hard to see the silver lining when it's pissin w rain, but eveything happeneds for a reason.
    Howdy anywho
  12. Hi Maximus,
    Welcome dude. Miss boo is right these things happen in three's but unfortunately, its always bad things that comes in three's for some reason. Not ever a good things comes in three's. Good luck with your lotto winning, you gotta be in it to win it.
  13. it's probably because a week before i'd won 200$ worth of protective gear from TAC for being a good boy :p
    Looks like it's pay back time. But anyways, it's all good and metal and plastic could be fixed and i hope it's really the worst thing that'd happened to me.
    Completely forgot to tell a few words about myself.Well,i work for an insurance company, just moved to Melbourne over a year ago from overseas. Love from the first sight you know. Never even knew would end up or down here :grin: Loving it.
  14. Welcome to the fray.