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Welcome to Cairns..

Discussion in 'The Pub' at netrider.net.au started by cejay, Jan 13, 2009.

  1. After 7 days on the road, Liz and I arrived in Cairns on Sunday afternoon.

    We checked out the house and, apart from an overgrown garden, all seemed ok.

    None of our stuff had arrived, so I booked a room in Palm Cove and we settled in for the night. Except little sleep was had as we got 250mm of rain in 6 hours.

    I picked the dogs and cats up from the RSPCA kennels and we made our way to the new house. Everyone was pumped, but we couldn't go outside and explore as it was bucketing down. Another 150mm or so.

    The stuff arrived and aside from a small issue where we thought we'd lost a case, all was ok. Unpacked the TV and plugged in. No signal. Bugger. Called the agent, yes, they'd arrange an antenna man.

    OK, no TV, will have a shower. Mmm, no hot water either. There was me, standing in a muddy puddle trying to work out what the fcuk was wrong. Never having used gas cylinders before and an instant water system, I was looking for guidance.

    Called the agent this morning, they'd never seen the property and couldn't help with practical advice. And by now we really needed a hot shower!

    Tuesday it stopped raining. But now the humidity!

    TV antenna man arrived. Muttered something about the crap work of the previous antenna man, commented on what was wrong, fixed it and then left. Turns out the previous tenant had taken the booster power pack with her and no signal was getting down the line.

    Garden man turns up and cuts the grass. Takes a while, but when I go outside to see the bike man turns up to drop the Aprilia off, I notice that the rear window of my car is smashed. Logic says it's been caused by a flung stone from the ride on. Garden man says it was like that when he arrived (like I wouldn't have noticed!) and washes his hand of the damage. A call to O'Brien's results in a booking for a replacement window. Pity about the $521 bill though.

    Get to O'Brien's and the fantastic lady there pushed me to call my insurers. Turns out that I had windscreen cover and was allowed 1 replacement a year excess free. At the same time I received some advice on how to reset the water system and the antenna man explained how the booster needs to be on the bedroom socket and not any other.

    Whilst waiting for the window, I went for a walk and picked up a new antenna lead, had an ice cream and reflected on the work that I didn't get done today.

    And now we hear that stagnant water might increase the dengue fever outbreak!

    Welcome to Far North Queensland.... :)
  2. All I can say is, this moved had better be worth it :LOL:.
  3. We hope so!!!
  4. My wife, who lived there for eight years, tells me that everything - and everyone - is much nicer in the dry season :wink:
  5. Hahaha, a fun day was had by the sounds of it, but not sure if now would have been the time to move considering wet season and (last I checked) a tropical storm/cyclone about to hit up there somewhere, but enjoy and have fun, it'll get better :wink: .
  6. LOL. You and Liz have my best and sincerest good luck wishes.

    By the way, sms me your address... I have a going away card and a gift that needs to get to you guys!!

  7. Wow Cejay - I'm totally admiring you guys for this move! Good on you both! Excitement and adventure - and rain and high temps! Awesome stuff!
  8. At least the house wasn't under water when you arrived. :eek:

    It sounds like you are getting stuff sorted out. I hope the air conditioner works. There is an air conditioner, isn't there?
  9. Sounds pretty normal for the first day in a new town :grin:

    (did anyone mention when it's your turn in the barrel?)
  10. It's been dry for 2 days! Yay!
  11. sounds like a normal conditions for FNQ....glad to hear you guys made it safely though :)
  12. You'll find that once the water subsides, the stench from the blocked and overflowing sewers will go, the typhoid outbreaks will get fewer, cholera will be a thing of the past and the malaria will vanish because the council has sprayed the mosquito plagues with DDT you'll probably start to enjoy the place.
  13. lol @ 2up!

    We're enjoying the place already!!
  14. Have you met any nice Cane Toads yet?
  15. Still waiting!
  16. Wow, I didn't even know you were leaving CJ, would have wished you well when I saw you at PI the other week. Anyway, hope the move is everything you guys wanted.

    Sounds pretty much like standard Cairns weather........... :(

    You'll get used to it............

    Eventually :LOL: :p
  17. Did you bring your golf clubs??!!! looks like you have a nice paddock behind you to pitch them into!!! :grin:
  18. You need to keep them away from your pets, and vice versa.
  19. Why would you want a hot shower? :p

    I didnt go as far north, but its taken me quite some time to adjust. You will enjoy it, just give it a chance.

    PS - you havent mentioned crocs or box jellyfish yet :wink:
  20. Man this is the tropics, you either love it or hate it. Cyclones are over stated most of the time, crocodiles hardly ever attack the locals (cause we know better). Cairns, 300 fantastic days a year, 65 crap ones. Pitty you came in the middle of the crap ones. What part of cairns are you in? If you need a tour of the ranges drop me a line. more than happy to make some time.
    Later, Q