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Welcome to a new addition :)

Discussion in 'The Pub' started by emsie, Jul 3, 2007.

  1. After a hectic few days, I'd like to take a moment to introduce NR to our new addition to the family :)

    Dakota Claire, born 23:33 on 27/6 at 3340 grams


    Only a matter of time before she's on a bike, I'm sure - both of her mums are keen for a PW50 ;)

  2. Well done to the both of you!! Bubs are cute!

    Do you both ride?
  3. She looks like she had a rather rough entry into the world, poor little thing. Never mind, they look terrific after a few days.

  4. Congratimulations! :grin:


    :shock: :LOL:
  5. we sure do :) batgrrrl on here is my partner :)
  6. *laugh* it could've been much smoother :) we ended up with an emergency Caesarean so the marks are from when she was pulled out - all gone now tho!
  7. Hey Congrats Emsie.

    I'd love to get a PW50 for my son. He's 3.5 and I reckon it would look so cool with training wheels.
  8. :rofl:

    Congratulations Emsie & Batgrrrl!!
  9. Hey, emsie :grin: I've been wondering how you were going and whether bubs had arrived. A big congratulations, she's gorgeous :)

    Ahhhhh, babies...sigh. If only I didn't have 5 already :wink:
  10. Welcome to the world Dakota :)

    And congrat's to you both. :)
  11. Congratulations Emsie & Batgrrl, she looks so cute! :)
  12. saw one of these recently at redwing honda :grin:



    congratulations to the both of you :grin:
  13. WOW.

    Thats brilliant news. " After a few hectic days " :LOL:

    Congratulations Emsie and Batgrrrl and welcome Dakota Claire . Its a better world for you joining us.
  14. hey, she's beautiful! congratulations emsie! dekota's a great name! make sure you have a snappy comeback ready for the odd person who asks if there's a relation to dakota USA.
  15. Yay to new bubs and happy mums :)
  16. Congrats to both of you, and thanks for sharing. :grin:
  17. ive said it elsewhere.. ( i think :p)

    but ill say it again!!

    congrats! she is a beautiful lil girl!!!

    must catch up again soon!
  18. AWWW SO Cute... Congratulations ladies!!!!!
  19. Congrats ladies!!!!

    P.S Awesome name!
  20. Congratulations!!! What lucky girls you are!!