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Welcome to 1984; otherwise known as the E.U.

Discussion in 'The Pub' started by hornet, Jan 19, 2010.

  1. What a pack of self-serving prigs these European so-called governments are. Just before they tell all of Europe what toilet paper they are allowed to use, they are again tilting at the impregnable windmill in Redmond, and ordering people to stop using Microsoft Internet Explorer, http://snipurl.com/u4cfe.



  2. I'm sorry, but i don't see them being ORDERED anywhere. The department responsibe for computer security is WARNING people, that they have found IE to be an insecure platform, since they found a virus capable of DDOS that was published online. there was obviously a serious threat to warrant a public service anouncement.
    If they did not go around warning people of new threats that are out there, they would all be out of a job... since THAT is their job..
  3. Warn does not mean order.
  4. Not to mention people should move to a browser that actually cares about standards compliance anyway. Web developer's jobs will be so much easier when IE6 dies.
  5. HAHAHAH… Hornet, how about you actually read the content before posting. 2 individual governments (Not the EU) have put out security warnings, that is the story…
    So what has that got to do with self serving anything or 1984…
  6. Oh well at least there hasn't been too many wars in the EU recently.