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Welcome Netriders to the shop

Discussion in 'Welcome Lounge' started by Johnny O, Oct 7, 2008.

  1. Just wanted to say welcome to a couple Netriders that are new to the shop..... welcome Caz V1 to our Service Department and Cheston3 to the Parts & Accessory Department.

    Danielle has recently left us, I wish her well in her endeavors with her new job, she will be missed, she was a fantastic Parts & Accessory salesperson, happy, polite and very competent.

    And on a side note, good onya Jamie for your new position with the opposition ;-)

    Now remember guys, if you 'bag' the Melb shops, you are bagging your fellow Netriders :)
  2. What store's this Johnny? I'll have to drop in sometime :)

    Oh, and congrat's to the new employees :grin:
  3. Rosie you must be the only person that doesn't know that I manage the upstairs Parts & Accessory Department at Yamaha City in Elizabeth St. lol
  4. well i know now too :grin:
  5. And the man looks after Netriders like pretty fukn well!
  6. 'Twas very nice to (finally) meet the legendary Johnny in his natural habitat when I was down there last week :). And it's good to see Netriders getting jobs in the industry too.
  7. Was great to meet you also Paul, I look forward to the next time :)
  8. At last we will have someone decent to talk to! Good set up Johnny :cool: