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Welcome meeee!!

Discussion in 'Welcome Lounge' at netrider.net.au started by Jiggens, Feb 13, 2015.

  1. Hey guys, name's Jiggens. Seen this page pop up quite a lot in my google searches over the years and finally decided to join in :)

    I'm 24, based in Sydney's Northern Beaches and been riding 7-8 years currently own 1x MC22 track bike, 1x CB250 (not running/battery), 2x Suzi Across (not running/mate threw one under a garbage truck and other bought for spares to fix her up) and my daily ride and only currently rego'd bike Daytona 955i.
    Avid bike enthusiast, don't have a car and only reason I'd ever consider one is to tow my track bike so I don't need to rely on my utefriend having a day off work to get me to the track.
    Rarely garaged, always ridden in rain.

    How are we all today? :)

  2. Welcome Jiggens, That's a collection of bikes, The lot of a track biker is not an easy one and they seem to often rely on the generosity of mates. :) I can remember one guy who used to race at McNamara park in Mt Gambier turning up on his road bike. Removing all the lights etc, racing for the day then re-assembling it for the ride home. That was Hard Core I always thought.

    Anyway, enjoy the forums and its resident collection of nutcases and motorcycle tragics. :)
  3. Welcome to NR Jiggens!
  4. Welcome mate, enjoy all your various rides!
  5. Cheers guys, looking forward to spending some time here, not many orders coming in for work so I have plenty of internet time, and sick to death of facebook, lol!
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    Slightly more in depth introduction to my bikes, put it in my profile but nobody's ever gonna read that! :p

    First bike: '89 Suzuki RG250, laid down on my way to work in the rain day after I got my license. Water pump damage, nothing else. Gave to a mechanically inclined mate to fix up and it was written off when he t-boned a car on it (she did an illegal u-turn, admitted fault and I got an insurance payout almost double what I paid for the bike, gave insurer an extra $200 and kept the bike. Incredibly, he was fine aside from a broken nose).
    Sold to a friend of a friend who's nuts about 2 strokes, currently having engine transplanted into an offroad go-kart.
    Not getting to ride this bike more than I did is one of my life's biggest regrets. Never even hit the power band... but I definitely don't miss the kick starter.

    Second bike: '97 Suzuki Across, served me well for 4 years through L's and both P's. Got full license and big bike, lent Across to a mate and it was written off when he threw it under a garbage truck (thankfully he didn't follow, made it out with a few scratches and bruises).
    Have since bought a second non-running Across for spare parts to rebuild her bent forks and frame.
    Most practical bike on the market and just as fun to ride as any other small capacity bike that revs out to over 16k.

    Third bike: '88 Honda CB250, bought with a month rego for $1100 to avoid catching busses while the Across was having a major service done.
    Money well spent.
    Still sits in my garage as a bulletproof spare in case it's ever needed.

    Fourth bike: '05 Triumph Daytona 955i, daily ride for the past 3 years, we've been to hell and back together and formed a very tight bond. Bought at 28,000k now slowly creeping up to 123,456k. Will take pictures.
    Only road goer that hasn't bucked me so far, always something wrong and the check engine light is on 60% of the time, but she's never missed a single beat.
    Not at all rare to put down over 400km in a day and always does so with pleasure, never a fuss.

    Fifth bike: '92 Honda CBR250RR, track bike, "The Cookie Monster". You'll see why when I get around to doing my showcase.
    Only 2 track days down unfortunately, severe logistical error having an unregistered track bike and no car license for towing.

    Sixth bike: The spare Across mentioned earlier. (dunno if that really counts, haha)

    Lucky Seven is yet to be decided.

    Other bikes I've ridden but not owned.
    Honda CBR600RR
    Suzuki DRZ400SM
    Kawasaki Ninja 250R
    Yamaha R15

    KTM EXC200 (?)
    Honda 80cc farm bike (?)
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  7. Welcome Mr Jiggens
    Few riders over your way Andrew WestAndrew West and others
    Enjoy the riding maybe see you on a group fang one day.
    few track day maniacs like GeorgeOGeorgeO LionzLionz and Senator17Senator17 and others from Sydney as well.:cat:
  8. Welcome to the playground, Mr Jiggens. It's nice to have an experienced rider sign up among the noobs we greet each day. Look forward to meeting you...
  9. Welcome to NR
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  11. Welcome to NR...

    Nice collection of bikes..
  12. Welcome to NR from Adelaide
  13. Welcome to the forum