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Welcome me!

Discussion in 'Welcome Lounge' started by Sir Lancelot, Apr 25, 2008.

  1. Hey chumps and chumpetts (I've clearly been watching too much Futurama lately), I've been browsing these forums for a while, about time I start posting too.
    So, I'm currently riding a Honda CBR250RR, which I've cleaned up and is a real treat :) Actually after getting a bike, watching Long Way Round with the folks, my dad is going for his licence tomorrow!! Never thought he'd get on the bike. But, will be sweet to go for a crusie with him! Does anyone else go riding with their folks?

    So, in the near future (most likely end of the year), I was considering buying either the R6 or CBR600RR... does anyone ride these and can give me a comparative reason as to which I might prefer? Keep in mind I'll be 95% on the road, and perhaps very occasionally on the track.


  2. the build quality and handling of the R6 will disappoint you, in comparison to the CBR600RR.
  3. Everyone really does talk up the R6, including looks - and from the side, it's pretty awesome, particularly the Red/White scheme, but from the front I prefer the Honda. I also like the minimalist look of the Honda, symmetrical with the undertail exhaust... and my god, have you seen the paint work on the HANNspree?!

    What makes you mention the build quality? I will agree Honda seems to be renown for build quality.
  4. the R6 feels very plasticky (is that a word?) and while it looks good from the side, upon close inspection you will begin to note many imperfections in the finish, and this is from the factory. to me, this is the sign of a manufacturer trying to flog their units to the squid-lot and just get out there in numbers at all costs. that, and yamaha has always been known for their poor paint quality and overall build characteristics. note i am only comparing this to honda.
    the honda however, has a far superior finish and no detail is skipped on the way out of the factory. honda are renowned for their lack of cutting edge innovation and/or being on the frontline of testing new technology and styling but they repeatedly produce high quality mass-produced units with nowhere near the recall rate of the other big players in the jap bike market.
    yeah, i am biased.
  5. welcome to the forums joel isn't honda biased at all


    used to ride with old man all the time these days he can't keep up :LOL:
  6. hi and welcome to NR and good on ya dad for going for his license
  7. Welcome chump. Joel I am deeply hurt by your comments about the mighty R6 :LOL: may I suggest you test ride both bikes in question and make up your own mind...I did guess what I am the proud owner of. :p
  8. I know you are suggesting the OP test ride both, I have definitely ridden both, but was unable to be anything but one-eyed :p
  9. Welcome cbrconvert.

    Good to see you have indoctrinated your dad too. Now you will be able to lecture him on riding safely and the evils of motorbikes. :LOL:

    Hope to see you both on a ride sometime.
  10. Well, my dad got his licence today! I think I may possibly be more excited than he is! He's definitely a cruiser man, so we have to find him a 250cc cruiser. I think he has his eye on the Yamaha XV250 Virago.
    As soon as he's ready, we'll come out for some rides :)

    Did you guys read that news item on the netrider homepage about scooters being more dangerous than bikes for the simple reason they tend not to wear gear? This just reaffirms in my mind what I think every time I see these people! There will definitely be some lecturing. He's not getting off that easy.

    As for the previous discussion, I have a few mates that are R6 crazies, so they're trying to get me onto an R6. Essentially, the bikes seem very similar, I do like the reputation of the Honda, and I have to say the looks do it for me too. but it will be left to a test ride I think. I'll probably give the GSXR a whirl too, although I'm not sure I like the look of the bike (in comparison to the Honda at least - _joel_ knows what I mean, tunnel vision it seems).
    I think a good measure is "you know you want a bike when you realise you wanted it yesterday"
  11. the CBR600RR's are also consistently at the front of the world supersports series, and will be for some time. they really are an all round better bike.
  12. australian road rider actually done a comparison on all the 600s in the nov/dec issue last year, the cbr, r6, gsx-r, zx6r and the daytona, and the cbr600 came out on top of them all
  13. sure did, but gee i hope [FLUX] doesnt see this thread :rofl:
  14. lol yeah it would become another the bear is a dick thread :LOL:

    in all seriousness they did say if the comparison was based on technology alone the R6 would have taken the lead, but as far as the testers were concerned all the other bikes were better for all round ridability, the R6 was built for the track

    the other close contender was the trumpy though

    gotta love hondas

    oh why did i buy a suzuki again??? :LOL:
  15. It's cool. I do understand that the CBR600 is more novice friendly. Whenever a rider is ready to step up to the next level though, the 675 is there and ready for them. :wink: :LOL: