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welcome confession time

Discussion in 'Welcome Lounge' started by jeffatav, Jan 19, 2008.

  1. Hi, I joined this great site in september 2005 and first posted in may 2006.

    I have to confess that I did not post a "hello, this is me" and in the wake of the recent new members getting chastised for not doing the same, I thought I would come clean from my dark secret.

    So hi! :LOL:

    Please feel free to berate me at length for such an oversight and I promise if I join again, I will say hello as my first post :rofl:

    Am I the only one willing to confess this sin???? :LOL:
  2. :angel:
  3. Really??

    Lies! :rofl:

    Nice to meet you :grin:
  4. That was not posted in the welcome lounge but was a direct question when I was upgrading!!!!

    NO, NO, NO................I have been a very bad person and deserve everything that comes my way for being so disrespectful :rofl:
  5. HA... so, you think you're bad? HA??? think again..
    I came here about a year ago. Not only i did not post in the welcome lounge, not only i did not post a hello to anyone, anywhere, ever...
    BUT, my first posts were all dummy posts to get my count up to five so i can post some pics :oops:
    And on top of that.. those postings had the wrong link so nothing come up. :shock: :shock:

    And.. i just went back and edit it so the pics are at least there...

    What do you have to say about that?

    PS.. Hi everybody!!! my name is Tony and i ride a silver scooter :p
  6. *pointing and shouting*...Heathen!!!! :soapbox: :LOL:
  7. Hi my name is port, I too haven't done a welcome thread either, I'm a baaaad man. It's only 2.5yrs too late.

    Welcome BTW :)
  8. I'm also guilty of bypassing the hello thing and jumping straight into posting. :oops: :LOL:
  9. But you did introduce yourself in your first post, I checked :p.

    Whether or not first posts are in the wrong forum or not, its just good manners to say hello before demanding answers.
  10. Well Jeff & Tony what can I say. I thought you were both courteous gentleman. I'm shocked :shock:

    Guess a good spanking is in order for you too extremely bbaaadd boys. :p
  11. Are you offering to give it to them?? :p