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Welcome astormiscoming!

Discussion in 'New Riders and Riding Tips' started by Churro Monster, May 16, 2006.

  1. Hey, welcome ( finally) to the forums. now youre not out of the loop honey!! :grin: You should have called yourself Mr.Curtaingirl. :p


  2. welcome mate.... as for mr curtaingirl....hmm narh
    PORNSTAR is more him lol
    its good to finally have u here bud
  3. the storm has finally touched down :grin: welcome aboard bud :wink: goodluck and have fun on here mate :LOL:
  4. thanks all for the nice welcome,its great to be finally on.ive been ridin for about five years now,and was on the back of my wifes bike for four years before that,which was great fun.my first bike was a XT 250 then a FZ 750 a ZX6R when my wife lets me and my latest one is a VTR 1000 FIRESTORM.NICE,NICE.
  5. welcome aboard mate, I met you at the Blue Ribbon ride, at least Kate has good taste in bikes.
  6. Nice bike. :D
  7. You realise that if it wasn't for venetian blinds, it would be curtains for all of us, don't you? :LOL:

  8. Welcome and enjoy ya time

    Cheers :cool: