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Weirdest Phone Call Ever.....

Discussion in 'The Pub' at netrider.net.au started by gsxxer, Apr 8, 2010.

  1. Just had the strangest phone call ever:

    Some guy rang me informing me about some apostate sect infiltrating the vatican church (ok?) apparently leading me away from salvation. (something along those lines)

    Then he asks:

    Him:"Are you christian?"

    Me: "No."

    "Do you want to go to heaven?"


    "Then you will go to hell."

    "No, thats a false dichotomy."


    "Thats a false dichotomy."


    Why do you believe that?"

    I hung up. Maybe I should have string him on a bit, but I dont have much patience for telemarketing at the best of times let alone this.
  2. ..maybe it was a direct line to HIM!!......er...I meant HER :-s

  3. I think there is an Indian women in love with the sound of my voice. Apparently "bash a sacred cow up ya" in an Australian accent is so sexy she has to ring daily.
  4. Kwality :rofl: Its interesting how they have telemarketing for religion.

    I can imagine 'Press 1 for salvation, press 2 for eternal damnation' hehe.

    I know the Church of Scientology Australia spends anywhere from 50-100 grand a month on phone call costs, mostly overseas. (voip, so a few cents per minute even overseas).
  5. I answered the phone once, "Hi, Rob speaking" and a girl said, "What you did last night was really naughty".


    I'd been out the night before so I started racking my brain as to what I could have done. I didn't recognise the voice, so not wanting to offend, I played a flat bat and tried to get her talking in order to work out what I had done.

    It turns out she'd hooked up with a guy called Rob, he foreplay teased the hell out of her until she couldn't stand it any longer and became putty in his hands... he had his wicked way with her. She said it was naughty because "you know I'm deciding what I'm going to do about <insert BF name from on-the-rocks relationship>"

    Well, I think i'd remember a night like that... so I had to own up and tell her that she had dialled the wrong Rob. We ended up having a half hour DnM about the situation... unfortunately she was too embarrassed to give me her number or meet up for coffee... :?


  6. It's OK Rob, just imagine the embarassment if you couldn't live up to the high standard the other Rob had set. :cheeky:
  7. Surely "Press 666 for eternal damnation"
  8. :) Tony, I like a challenge.
  9. Maybe it's an alter-ego. Rob with a Spanish RRRRR and a rose between his hairy butt cheeks.
  10. Maybe it was Hornet, probably bored now that it's school holidays....
  11. Damn staircase wit. :LOL:

    I should have said "Hi, can I speak to your manager please?"
  12. Rob, you of all people should know how dangerous it can be when a girl gets mixed up about which bloke she's with.:shock: She sounds like she could be trouble.;) lol
  13. I had a phone conversation once that went like this:

    Me: Hello

    Caller: John, it's me, the cops are onto you

    Me: Um, I think you've got the wrong number

    Caller: Don't stuff around, they're on their way

    Me: Mate, my name's not John, you've got the wrong number

    Caller: Stop stuffing around and get out of the house, they're on their way

    Me: Sorry mate but I'm not John

    Caller: I'm not joking, get out now.

    "Click" (he hung up on me)

    I have no idea what it was about and the cops never showed up.
  14. looks like poor john got caught
  15. :rofl: Yehhhhh. Not in the new car... not for a while at least. LOL
  16. Count yourself lucky -that sort of phonecall usually costs an arm and a leg per minute :D.