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Weird Vodafone/Telstra problem

Discussion in 'The Pub' started by hornet, Apr 17, 2010.

  1. We recently changed my wife's mobile over from a Vodafone pre-paid chip to a Telstra pre-paid chip. She ported over her number, and eveyone has been able to contact her on that number. Except me. I'm on a Vodafone Cap plan, and when I ring her I get a message which says "number not in use". It doesn't even try and ring it.

    We can ring her from my daughter's "3" phone, from the land-line, from anywhere in the known universe, just not from my Vodafone mobile.

    And, of course, top of the list of numbers that I'm likely to call, ...... is her number :roll:.
  2. Possibly... When you originally got the number/s you opted to be able to call her number for free from your phone, now that it has been transferred over it might be shitting itself thinking, hey this isn't a Voda number and not letting you call. I suspect a 2 minute conversation with Voda should sort it out(2 Minute convo after a 45 Minute wait that is). Possibly *Shrugs shoulders*
  3. Blessing in disguise...???
  4. For whom :LOL:
  5. What about from other Vodafone phones?
  6. Not an uncommon problem. Vodafone can do it for free - go into your nearest store and ask for a SIM swap on YOUR phone, Paul. They'll do it on the spot. :)

    (edit: it's 80% likely this is the cause, and the easiest to address. If the people in the shop don't know about it just explain the problem briefly and tell them you have been told to come in as a SIM swap should fix it)

    Let us know if you still have any probs after that.
  7. I went and saw them and they tried ringing it from THEIR Vodafone phone and got the same result; seems it's a 'routing' problem, and it's supposed to be fixed Monday-Tuesday next week...

    If that doesn't happen, I'll certainly try the "Sim swap" route, Morbo :).
  8. Hmmm okay, hopefully it'll come good next week I guess.
  9. how f'ing weird :S
  10. It's due to her porting away from Voda, their network reckons the number has been cancelled or 'de-listed' of their number range thingy which is what their netowrk does first before looking for it in someone elses network- it's just that the system doesn't try somewhere else. Routing thing.

    Yes, there is an element of human involvement in the process, can't you tell?
  11. That's one explanation, and hopefully the one in this case - it seems so if other Voda people can't call her. That problem also occurs often through other causes on the sim.
  12. Happened to my dad a few years ago. He was about to switch straight back but I used to be a network tech so I saw what was going on pretty quickly - once the number's ported all the other networks see it happily but vodafone still thinks that that number's on their network. If they don't fix it quickly (same day) I'd be calling the Telecommunications Industry Ombudsman.
  13. From what I understand there's a central database of phone numbers somewhere that all the carriers reference for each to Mobile call and this tells them where to send calls (as in you're calling an Optus phone send the call to Optus and so on).

    I reckon this is more to do with the free call option getting confused mentioned earlier.
  14. I'd say your wife has just blocked your number.
  15. I'm not game to ask :rofl:.
  16. Buy a Telstra phone.
  17. I have a Telstra phone. But I can't port my number over to it until November when my contract on the existing Vodafone plan ends. And too many people know my number (including the numbskull Coburn) for me to try and get people used to a new number; I've had it for over 15 years.....