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Weird vibration

Discussion in 'Technical and Troubleshooting Torque' started by HeavyNinja, Apr 15, 2016.

  1. hey guys just a wuick one. Noticed a weird buzzing style vibration through the seat at 5,000rpm that disappears at 6,000rpm. Happens in every gear or at the very least 4th, 5th and 6th. The only way to explain it is like a buzzing feeling. I had never felt this until just before the end of my ride this evening.

  2. engine harmonics?
    something loose?
    maybe your butt has become sensitised?

    can you feel in pegs or bars? or just seat?

    5-6Krpm seems low for a Ninja :) keep them revs up ;)
  3. Hahahahahaha only I feel it through seat and pegs. Will do a better test tomorrow, but it is that buzzing feeling you get from a battery on the tongue. It is horrible as it actually tickles areas I don't need tickeled when riding.
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  4. 5,500 is definitely a pleasure zone on my Ducati


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  5. It would be alright but the pleasure zone could be distracting and a little off putting when your bike is pleasuring you while your 10yr old is on the back hahahahahaha.

    Can I do an oil change without a stand? Or do I have to have the bike level? Thinking of doing an oil change tomorrow.
  6. Are you allowed to carry pillions so soon after obtaining your MC licence ?
  7. In W.A no law against it. Might be something for p platers but I don't have to have p's. Just checked the W.A ride safe book and no mention of pillion restrictions
  8. Start with the side stand then hold the bike level to drain the last of it. Make sure you warm the engine first so the oil flows freely
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    Cheers. It has occured to me that the bike has probably done more than 42,000km as it is 10% out. So potentially closer to 50k, not sure when last oil change was done and the oil looks darkish in the viewing glass.

    Might have to take the bike to the shop. I went to buy engine oil to do a change and the bike felt as if there was a rock or something in the tyre, there isn't. So not sure on why it would be feeling like that. 1st to 2nd feels more clunky than norm and when my daughter got off the bike it felt like the bike was almost touching the ground. Maybe the rear shock is buggered I dunno. Doing an oil change tomorrow.

    Tyre pressures in my arrowmax are 37.5f and 38.4r warm.
  10. Well took bike to shop, the feeling of a rock is more noticeable between 3-5k, over 5 it goes away, so if I hold 3rd at 45 instead of using 4th it goes away. Also has a put put engine sound below 4,000. Maybe I just need to ride her hard lol
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  11. there seems to be a lot of information and issues, I will focus on the vibration issue

    are the vibrations like this?
    ie good ones?
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  12. Hahahahaha love it. Those vibrations are 5k and above. Below 5k I don't like the feeling at all. If you want to hear the bike at idle and maybe see if there is an odd noise, i posted a vid to learners journey.
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  13. Righto I can give a better description. Feels like a stone or a nail in a tyre, I can feel it through pegs, seat and bars, however I can hear it via the exhaust. The exhaust makes a puttering noise at the same tempo as the vibration, obviously I have done 600km on the bike already and this vibration/noise was not there until after lunch today. I am doing the oil tomorrow, but don't think that. Maybe it is a good idea to get a major overhaul of it. Also noticed white out or similar on the back of engine block, so starting to think it might be a wrecker motor, in no car I have owned have I ever seen the factory write in white out on the engine block.
  14. exhaust tempo is at engine speed (each cylinder, one puff per cycle). if it was one cylinder cycle issue, it wouldn't every exhaust pulse. if it was one set of valves, it would be similarly be half

    maybe something is loose in the exhaust?
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  15. Yeah maybe, seems to have all started after my spirited run. The other thing suggested to me because of the feeling of a nail in tyre, that it might be chain related.
  16. if chain related, it will be road speed related.
    as you change gears, the frequency of the issue should change relative to engine speed.
  17. Yeah it speeds up and down through the rev range, I can even feel it through the fun vibration lol.

    The faster I go the faster the vibration, and it feels exactly like you would expect if a nail was in tyre. Doesn't matter what gear. I thought just at 3-4k but it is through the whole range.
  18. does it happen with clutch pulled in, when engine is revved?
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    Nah with the clutch pulled in it rolls smooth.

    In neutral revving to 3.5k induces the feeling through the pegs.

    I am hoping the mrs uncle can ride it tomorrow, he services all his bikes, has done engine replacements etc.
  20. I am little disapointed that [​IMG] has not been all over this thread?