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Weird Vibration Through Handle Bars @ Certain Speed + Angle

Discussion in 'Technical and Troubleshooting Torque' at netrider.net.au started by JamesK, Jul 26, 2011.

  1. Hey guys, I have a bit of weird problem with my CBR600RR 08 no I wont lie the bike has been in a few scrapes but never had any real damage (mostly fairing and a engine cover which has been replaced already) the vibration started a few months ago and the only last change before it started was my Tyres which leads me to believe its caused by the front tyre? They are Dunlop Q2's and they were fine for over 2000K's (I even took it to Tasmania and it rode like a dream) but one day I woke up and I noticed the vibration coming through the handle bars it only comes when travelling between 50-75km/h and only when I lean slightly left (a very minute amount). Because of these factors I decided it wasn't anything major but I think it's time I tackled the problem so if anyone out there has any suggestions I'm open any idea's

    Thanks in Advanced

  2. Lost a wheel balance weight perhaps?
  3. Alright I feel semi retarded not thinking of that, it fits pretty much perfectly and explains why it came out of the blue. Thanks CJ I'll bring it to an workshop and have them balance the wheels the next time time we get decent weather (which might be awhile lol)
  4. It might be a wheel balance weight, or perhaps a slightly scalloped tyre. If you're getting it balanced, ask them to have a good look at the tyre while they do the job, you know, tell them about the vibration.
  5. I like to put a strip of grey waterproof duct tape over the weight,Bunnings sell it for less than $10,make sure its waterproof.I lost one a while back
  6. This would be my bet as it only happens in a certain speed window and happens during leaning. Could be a faulty tyre.

    The other thing to check is all the front end is assembled correctly and "snug" tight. After a tyre change is a suspect time.

    Wheel bearings is another consideration