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Weird tyre problem diagnosis

Discussion in 'Technical and Troubleshooting Torque' started by Loz, May 3, 2007.

  1. What the hell do you reckon's going on here?


    I've been noticing these marks getting larger on the middle of the back tyre. Could I be bottoming the poor bike's shock out and rubbing the tyre on the underside of the ducktail? Or is this something that a road surface might do? Never had 'em before.
  2. I would have thought that road wear/abrasion would have been uniform, Loz. I think your first instinct might be right.....
  3. With Hornet on this one.

    Roll the tyre and match the mark to the underside - maybe too long a bolt or some plastic needs a Dremel trim.
  4. That is how all of my tyres have worn.

    When you get to the last bit of rubber it starts to look like that.

    It's not rubbing anywhere other than the road.
  5. Here's one I prepared earlier :p


    Loz's tyre doesn't look worn though compared to this one :?
  6. is the mark all the way round the tyre? it looks as though it isnt.
    also, from the pic, does the mark run true with the tyre? it doesnt look like it from that angle (chuck it on the centrestand and spin it, you will soon see)

    i would suggest (of course if there is no offending bolt) that it is an imperfection between the different layers of rubber in the tyre itself, and as you wear it more, it exposes more of itself.

  7. Its the delamination of the co moulded rubber laminations

    Modern tyres have up to three layers of rubber typical of radial tyres its the wear pattern that shows up as you pass through each layer the reason it runs across the tyre is the forces involved peeling the thin layer back from the thicker substrate material.

  8. I'd say you have a tyre fault there Loz.
    What brand? Google may turn something up.
  9. It's a Dunlop Qualifier. Thanks for that peeps, regular delamination then. Time to whack on me ol' spare Pilot Power and complain about it.
  10. Blame it on the wombat! :p
  11. Replace the blighter Loz, TOOT SWEET :grin: Cant feg around with tyres on a bike. Especially at illeagal speeds you may or may not be akin too. :wink: For the sake of couple of hundred bucks, or potential financial and physical pain in large quantities :? caused by a blowout, replace it
  12. Loz...Can't tell if the tyre is warn out or not from the shot, but the same kinda thing happened on the Bird, when the tyre was about to let go after about 11,000K's.
    Note...when I took it off, the rubber compound left in the centre of the tyre was "PAPER-THIN"..EEEK!
    It was'nt squared off, just warn out.
    Might not be the same as what happened to you, but I did have the same look on the tyre...
  13. Well i told ya to put m3s on :p dunlop crap :cool:
  14. Seen very similar before. Looks to me like the (steel?) belting is just about to show.