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..Weird traffic lights

Discussion in 'The Pub' started by Tweetster, Dec 22, 2010.

  1. ....just noticed additions to traffic lights on some intersections in Sydney. They have an extra light to the right of the "walk/no walk" sign, which shows a countdown in seconds to when the lights are gonna change!!....:-s

    .. a bit like this:


    1st time I've noticed them!!.. have they been around long??
  2. We got them in NZ a couple years ago(testing ground for stuff like that), not seen any here yet (apart from your photo)
  3. These are common at major intersections in SE Asia as it lets motorcycles know how long they have to filter through the traffic.
    Guessing that's not the reason why they would put them in here though, unless it's meant for bicycles. Not one of those intersections with a bicycle box at the front of the traffic queue by any chance is it?
  4. Is that Broadway at Central station? Never noticed them myself either, but I don't get in to the city much these days...
  5. No (sorry!)... meant to get a pic on the iPhone but I had shopping & it was really busy. Found that pic on google images to show what I meant.

    I saw it today in the City, just up an intersection or so from the Edinborough Hotel.
  6. Pitt st and Park st Intersection me thinks...It's a bit like frogger there. :)
  7. i take it signs were too confronting:

    "hey, dipshit. you have 10 secs. hurry the **** up!"
  8. Having a timer just means all the people who dash across at the last minute now have a challenge to beat their previous best time for the 10m dash.
  9. ....ha,ha,ha!!.... your time starts......NOW!!!
  10. .. now your talking my language!!.... :rofl:
  11. I don't know any of the pubs in Sydney that you folks are talking about, but then having said that I don't know many of the pubs back in Melbourne either :p

    What I do know is that the pic in the OP is most likely somewhere in London judging by the architecture of the houses on the left of frame or, more to the point, the sign on the right saying UNDERGROUND.
  12. common is asia, hope it takes off here, great idea
  13. yeah very common in asia, its great in warning motorists when traffic will move off and also lowers the stress/anger level a little bit.
  14. in Vic they need it to count UP from green. when it gets to 10 the first person in the queue can put the car into gear and accelerate slowly off.
  15. Yeh, so when you pull up at king georges rd waiting to turn right into broad arrow rd, you know how much of the 5 minute wait is left.
  16. Yeah that intersection is a cracker!
    And now as an added bonus there's a "safety" camera too...