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Weird things cagers do

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by offtrack, Apr 12, 2015.

  1. The other day, I filtered up to a red light, but had to stop one car back, because the gap was too small.

    One of the cars on the front row, did something weird.....weirder than usual!

    So, he had a newspaper rested on the steering wheel, reading a article. He then put it down, and proceeded to do, what I can only describe as a Kung Fu Panda impersonation, Karate chopping the air, left and right arms flailing around.

    Lights turned green, and he took off, sitting at around 30km/h in a 60 zone.

    Needless to say, I moved to the other lane.

    What a nutcase!

    What have you seen, that is weirder than usual?
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  2. learner chick with a rabbit on the dashboard. as she went round the roundabout the rabbit was falling off, so she saves the rabbit from falling while swerving into my lane. lucky i was aware of it and stayed back.
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  3. That is weird and you were right to move away from him!

    Weirdest thing I've seen was years ago. A young P plater girl with a death wish trying to side swipe every car off a 3 lane road while raging and flailing her arms around. Saw all of it in the rear view mirror and yup, she did the same to me.

    I won't tell you what followed but 20 minutes later, I got a teary apology and a story that evinced some sympathy from me as well as a promise from her to drive home safely.
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  4. Maybe a bee flew in the window?
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  5. Nah, I think he was just insane!
  6. I had a guy picking his nose in the car next to me. Like really going at it. He looked at me. Stopped mid pick. And just kept on going.
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  7. Had a carload of foreign tourists overtake me on a single lane road on the left hand side through 2 intersections and a pedestrian crossing. More dangerous than weird.........
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  8. #8 Oldmaid, Apr 14, 2015
    Last edited: Apr 14, 2015
    My better half (yup) recounts a tale from 1977 of picking up a group of 4 young german guys hitchhiking from just outside Hay and going to Adelaide, which is where BH was headed. The guys had been in Sydney for a week and were off on an Oz adventure...

    HBH drove a 2 door Gemini hatchy thingo in those days, very attractive aqua metallic colour (noice). So three dudes crammed in the back and one in the front.
    Anway, everyone were happy campers until BH looks in rear view mirror, sees this look of stark terror on the face on the guy squashed in the middle, who then starts screaming like his wedding tackle was in a vice, which then set the others off like barking dogs :woot:

    BH was like WTF then they all start slapping at the ceiling of the car, meanwhile BH has initially swerved all over the road in shock from the initial commotion but then saw that the mother of all huntsmen had emerged from somewhere and was drunkenly staggering across the ceiling above these guys...but of course it got antsy once they started swiping at it!

    BH slowed down and was trying to find somewhere without a 3 foot canal on either side of the road to pull off...all the time yelling at them to stop swiping at it but the guys in the back were panicked like sheep, bellowing in German and were trying to climb over each other to get out over the back seat and out of the car...
    So BH finally pulls over and the guys literally injure themselves trying to get out and away from the monster spider!

    BH manages to wrangle the poor old hunstman out of the car but these guys refuse to get back in...so they were left standing terror stricken and mute on the side of the road somewhere in far south western NSW...:whistle:

    Sometimes weird cagers have a reason ;)

    The stupidest thing I did in a cage was last century when I used to smoke and I was a very new P plater, I was sitting at lights in busy traffic where you turn right onto Victoria road just after pyrmont. Looking cool, sucking on a fag in my gorgeous GA galant ;)
    I somehow knocked my ciggie out of my mouth and straight down onto my crotch, which my first reaction was to madly swipe at it which then sent the shattered hot tip of the ciggie showering sparks from one end of my skirt and legs to the other...

    I was getting burnt and so I leapt out of the car madly slapping at my crotch and legs and bouncing up and down fanning my skirt to try and get the embers off...:woot:
    The person behind me was just sitting there in slack jawed amazement but of course then everyone behind started going absolutely feral, beeping me and calling me for every dumb fornicating female genital they could think of...I burst into tears...got back in the car and proceeded to kangaroo around the corner at 10 k/hr with everyone still going ballistic...

    I sat on the side of the road opposite the White Bay pub crying whilst everyone drove past me and showed me that they possessed both a horn, a middle finger and for some reason thought my name started with c :(
    My favourite skirt was ruined and I had ciggie burns in my seat cover :(
    Thank god it was well before mobile phones and you tube! :)
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  9. The one thing cagers do that gets on my nerves (only because i have a sadistic mind and can imagine the carnage in a crash) is when the passenger is kicking back with both feet either on the dash or outside the passenger window.

    I know "let em do whatever they want, RAWR!" etc but when your foot and hip end up next to your ear, and you resemble something like yoda, don't ask me for compassion!

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  10. This exact thing happened to my uncle. Passenger. Sitting exactly as you mentioned in an army jeep. When the car rolled he broke both hips and knees and slashed his chest and stomach with the seatbelt.
    Don't drink and drive folks.
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  11. Saw a Range Rover once with a cat curled up snoozing on the dashboard when I was filtering up to lights. Driver lowered passenger window and I gave cat a scratch under the chin. He takes him everywhere apparently and pud loves sleeping in the sun streaming through the windscreen. Cute patoot.
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  12. Shooting up with a needle while driving? Luckily I saw this when I was in the Jeep, not on my bike.
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  13. Ok that one I think takes the cake. WTF!!
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  14. Drive a cage........

    Seemed the most obvious one to me
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  15. The one's that are dumbass drivers and then get on a scooter are weird. They can't drive for shit and can't ride for shit.
  16. Happened in VIC no less and not too long ago. Was a lady driver in a rusty old POS cage. No rego plate either, looked like its mounting plate had rusted off.
  17. As a non-native road user, I've identified the following weird traits of the cager:

    Lane Pride
    The prider will rigidly assert themselves and do absolutely anything to stop another vehicle occupying ‘their’ space. Literally running mergers off the road, blocking attempted lane changes and closing gaps. Prider is usually boiling away with rage, red faced and sweary but isn't actually making any progress through traffic.

    V8 overtake
    Overtaker will go bumper to bumper with their intended target then at the very last moment swing out, passing at paint depth away with a 5kpm speed advantage only to cut back in as soon as possible, and slow down.

    Sat in a queue at a red traffic light, the creeper will repeated edge forward despite only centimetres of forward progress being available. This then sets off a chain reaction of creeping all around. When the traffic light turns green, the creeper crawls away in 3rd gear.
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  18. Weird idea of "parking"

    I once sprang a couple having very noisy and ummm vigorous sex in a clapped out EH in the lane behind our house at Harris Park-was just in the street behind the car yards on Church street Parramatta and near the M4.
    This was in broad daylight and I needed them to move their shit heap so I could park my car into our yard...talk about likely coitus interruptus...but na...I banged on the window...got his attention..he umm plopped out, hopped up, rolled the car back a few feet and resumed said activities....really? :woot:
    Ahhh true romance was not dead after all ;) Maybe they were doggers...maybe a working girl and time was money.?? Sheesh!
    Not quite what I expected to find in busy suburban lane way at 3 in the afternoon...'no wonder I find the Hills a tad dull!
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  19. This is exactly what happened to my mother when she was 16. It is why no body rides in my car without their feet in the foot well( besides those that can't reach obviously)
  20. Old bugger in a "Bunnings trade ute" with a tablet computer on the steering wheel, he was holding it with his thumbs, bloody thing was as big as the wheel.
    Teenager looking at something in his mothers crotch as he was going through a roundabout, if he had bit a bump he would have got his head stuck in her...
    Old bloke with a pet magpie sitting on the dash of his ute.