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Weird "Teiow" noise coming on clutch release

Discussion in 'Technical and Troubleshooting Torque' started by Fa1c0n, Jan 20, 2014.

  1. Hey,

    This is a really weird issue - Part of the problem is the noise is so hard to describe but I will try my best.

    The sound:
    It's a really high pitched "Teiow teiow" with the emphasis on the "ei". Think a really fine wire snapping when under tension, similar to a guitar string, but this happens multiple times - maybe 6-7 times.
    Or another way would be the noise that a pot of really hot oil makes. That crackley noise kinda.
    Or really quiet fireworks, the zeeeeooowww noise, not the bang....
    It's a weird noise.

    When it occurs:
    The first time I noticed it was on the 40*c days last week. Sitting in 5th, lugging a long and then twisting the throttle hard. But it only made the noise 2-3 times instead of 6-7.

    The next time I noticed it was again on the 40*c day. After zipping through traffic moving at irregular speeds do to a diversion, I used the clutch a lot and sat in first/second to announce my presents to the disgruntled car drivers. This would have got the engine quite hot.
    Then after I got out of the traffic and started using the clutch again, particularly between first, second and third gear it would make the weird noise. Worse from a stop.

    Today (Only 20*c outside), the bike didn't make the noise at all all the way to the city, similar to the other days - it doesn't seem to make it when cold. But after I got to the city, after clutch work through traffic and an hour of riding I stopped at a set of traffic lights that are on an incline. When taking off from the set of lights, on the incline and after the traffic work it made the noise right before complete release of the clutch. The last sixth of the clutch.

    Mechanics Opinion:
    First off - the mechanics couldn't not reproduce, as it seems to be when the bike is very hot and under additional load.
    Judging by my description of the noise and circumstance alone they told me it was engine "pinging". I googled what a pinging engine sounds like and it didn't seem to sound like that.
    Some evidence to support their conclusion is that I do have basic aftermarket slipons with no tune or air cleaner upgrade. That being said, I was told the particular set of slipons I have would not require a retune.

    Possible additional note:
    I've noticed that the gasket that connects my rear slipon to the balance pipe is deteriorated and leaking exhaust. Could this be related if it was a tune issue?

    What is going on guys? Ideas?
  2. Remove the Gerbil :p
  3. Thanks for the help! :p
  4. It's character<sup>TM</sup>.

    HTML doesn't work. I'm leaving it.
  5. It's the kitten.

    Seriously though, it could be the clutch slipping (if it isn't pinging). Where are you at in your service cycle? What oil did they use? How many ks on the bike? Cable clutch or hydraulic?

    I tend to use heavier weight oil during summer, but there will be better people than me to advise on Hardleys.

  6. - Just been serviced 1000 km ago
    - 20w/40 HD brand
    - 26k km on the bike
    - Cable I believe.

    What does pinging actually sound like and is it consistent or intermittent?
  7. There's your problem right there.:p

    Ok, if it's cable operated, then make sure it is adjusted correctly. You should have some freeplay before it starts to dis-engage. Test by going up a slight incline in a higher gear and touching the lever. Listen for the revs to rise.

    It should also fully disengage before the lever is pulled all the way in.

    There will be an adjuster on the lever and likely another on the case.

    It's more like a rattle, but in mild cases can be more strange.

    similar to the clutch, test by going up hill in a higher gear.
  8. Pinging in my old Torana used to sound like some marbles rolling around in the rocker cover. If it is pinging, perhaps try some higher octane fuel, and get the timing of the motor checked and maybe retarded slightly. Modern engines tend to have an anti-knock sensor that does that work automatically, however I'm unsure what your HD engine has. :)
  9. Oh, meant to add, sportsters have some issues around the primary chain adjuster. You used to have to manually adjust it on a regular basis. I think that has been changed in recent models. You might want to do some research around this, as auto adjusters can do funny things like this.
  10. My money is on "pinging"
    Air cooled, overheated engine = pre-ignition, or a good chance of it.

  11. Hmm - but if this is the case wouldn't it do it regardless of the position of the clutch lever?

  12. Is it worth using your phone to record the sound when you're riding on the next hot day when it's likely to happen? ie, put phone on record and stick in your pocket or something. Then we can hear what you're talking about.

  13. Yeah - I've been contemplating that.
    I will next time its hot hot... If I haven't gotten rid of it by then. :p (Yes, that old story again. Indecisive Fa1c0n, wants to trade his HD again! Haha)
  14. Tuesday is looking to be a warm one.
  15. Do any other symptoms accompany the sound?

    For example a grinding kind of noise/feeling or a slight shudder as the clutch engages?
  16. Not really man...

    Just the noise. Hasn't done it since those hot days - Will see if it does it on the way home tonight.