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Weird stuff in Berwick

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by Maximus, Dec 21, 2006.

  1. hey guys,
    was coming back from work today and just before my turn off a full on sports bike with a pillion (i'm still on l's) passed me by doing probably 120 minimum in 80 zone.i was looking at him and the next thing that happened is i see pillion's helmet flying high in the air and bouncing off the concrete like 20 times.... he just kept on going. idecided no take my turn and go and pick up his helmet off the middle of the lanes. picked it up and just sat on the side waiting for him to come back. he showed up a minute later. and as soon as he opened his visor it all kinda fell into place,cause his eyes were just not straight you know what i mean....a brief mumble of something and off he went,wearing a tee,shorts and a most likely damaged helmet on the pillion,dirt bike helmet by the way....

    just wanted to say WHAT DA!!!!!!

  2. Doesn't sound like the rider or pillion risk losing anything if they crash with that damaged helmet anyway.
  3. unfortunately tho its people like that that not only endanger themselves but others. Lucky the flying helmet didnt hit you or anyone else!
  4. Stray helmet at 120km/hour?

    ... like ... ****in' ouch :shock: