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Weird shut down problem - can anybody help??

Discussion in 'Technical and Troubleshooting Torque' started by ELX, Aug 26, 2009.

  1. Hey guys,
    I've got a 94' Kwaka EL250. Its a great little bike, and has always run very well. I had it serviced yesterday, fluids replaced, clearances checked etc. The mechanic had a problem at one point when he got back from a test ride and found the radiator fan wasn't on and the coolant was boiling in the hoses! But he cleaned the contacts on the thermostat and fan switch and now it is working fine again. Anyway, I picked up the bike and went for a ride this morning to test it. Filled up the tank and it ran perfectly for about 130km's. Then all of a sudden at about 100kph on the D'ag highway i started to loose throttle response and the bike started bogging down and dying. It felt exactly like the fuel was cutting out, but usually i get at least 180k's before I even have to think of the reserve. I down shifted once but the problem continued so I pulled the clutch and pulled off the highway. The bike stalled soon after the clutch was pulled so once off the hwy I quickly hopped off, turned off the ipod, and put the fuel on reserve. Had a look in the tank and could see fuel in it when i tipped the bike from side to side. It started again fine on first attempt and seemed to sound completely normal. The throttle response was good so I took off and rode on reserve with no problems at all to the servo at the start of Mt Mee. I filled it up and put the petcock back on, on and rode away. It rode another 90ks home to Brisbane with no problems, running great again.

    Now I am just a bit confused as to why it might have done it in the first place. Is there anyway i could have somehow been burning WAY more fuel than before the service (mechanic said the cabry's were well out of sync)?? I thought perhaps something got sucked into the fuel and blocked it, but I have a filter and it did run fine with the petcock on after I filled up. Could it have overheated or something?? I'm glad it is still running fine, but it seems like a pretty weird thing to happen if nothing is wrong! Thanks in advance for any help,

  2. If it happens again, pull off the road safely, then just pop the fuel cap (you can close it again straight away). If it starts and runs pretty much normally, you may have a blocked or kinked breather hose to the fuel tank, creating a vacuum as the fuel is gradually sucked out. Eventually it stops flowing.
    Not uncommon to be dislodged during a service, and only shows up a good few ks down the road. This is only one of a host of possibilities.
  3. Ahh good point! I hadn't thought of that. If it happens again Ill make sure i troubleshoot it a little rather than just taking off. Thanks for the help, any other suggestions??