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Weird puddle DAKAR 2013

Discussion in 'Multimedia' started by dima, Feb 6, 2013.

  1. Pretty awesome. Almost everyone laid the bike here. Curious why.

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    Edit: this now makes no sense that the title spelling mistake has been corrected.
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  3. A sudden and drastic drop in friction coefficient, and before the bike is straightened up, I'm wildly guessing...

    That, or there's something wrong with all their bikes and they need to replace them.
  4. Two points,in my experience if you see a bunch of people standing about with cameras ready,WATCH OUT.Thats spectators but MAINLY FELLOW RIDERS,100% its slimy moss on a concrete base,add a slight bend in the middle and thats what you get.Its bloody hard to just stand still on that stuff.
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  5. You can see the moss on the rocks at the side on the approach. I'd bet there is a ton of it underneath on the crossing.
  6. heartless bastards. 1 guy makes it through, and no one cheers.
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  7. Yeah I had enough once that guy made it through and not a single cheer went up, just silence as if they were disappointed. Doesn't even look like they are attempting to warn approaching riders anyway, so they are enjoying it. Ridiculous.
  8. No, no. They do warn a lot.
    Hard to see on that vid, but keep an eye on the left.
  9. You can also hear people shouting out "water" in a couple different languages.
  10. Ok. Oops.:)
  11. It wouldn't be hard to stand 100ft up the road waving people to slow down or throw some dirt over it. But YouTube views are more important than peoples lives... and this camera man seems happy to just film, Humanity 2013 *sigh* carry on.
  12. Who knows.maybe it was crossed in the road book.Its a rally raid,its part of the game.As I said earlier,see a big crowd and there there for a reason.It would be impossible to mark all the hazards over anything up to 1000k of road a day.People crash on single rocks,deep sand ect ect.You have to expect the unexpected and ride to what you see at a pace to finish plus navigate and not damage yourself and the bike.Anyone who finishes impresses me to the max.Just to enter also impresses me.Its very expensive on every level.
  13. I understand, But I also believe in sportsmanship and the crowd (most of them) did not display this. This is similar to jeering at the tennis or golf, The audience plays a role in the spectacle and kudos for the guy helping them lift the bikes, but there is a much greater role he could have played.

    I'm all for the test of skill, but from a dirt road to a wet slimy river crossing on a blind 90 degree turn blocked by a bank! that proves nothing but motorcross knobbies cannot turn & lean on surfaces with ZERO surface friction. The only reason why most of the riders didn't get even more hurt was the crowd huddled in the corner (most riders would have slowed as to not flip off into the crowd).

    The only thing I can liken this too is an "oil down" on a race track, No bike or car going through oil is going to be able to operate and it's not something you plan for. Otherwise MotoGP would be raced at 40km/h average and not 200.
  14. I would hate to see it put someone out of the Dakar by this but even in those Extreme Endros,I forget there names,the one in Austria in the quarry,last man standing in the USA,The Romantics.
    The riders strike a crazy hill,and we are talking the best riders in the world.Usually the top bunch get up,frigin amazes me how sometimes.The track gets even more chopped up and then those behind start failing.There is alway help from spectators,
    some with hooks and ropes even.BUT its always after they try it first.Even in the vid there was help picking the bikes up,not so easy with 35 or 40 litre tanks.Maybe it was marked in the ride book with a danger sign.We saw a few go down but what happened to the other 200 riders?
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    It's a dirt bike, you are supposed to fall off it, that is all part of the game. Why would you disadvantage the competition by alerting the people behind or fixing the hazard but not the people in front? But yes there are plenty of people trying to warn the riders anyway.

    Putting sand over the hazard would be a completely unfair thing to do. It would be like in golf putting astro turf over a bunker because people keep hitting the ball into it.
  16. Hmm I don't think that's the same thing. If no one is able to pass this corner without stacking it goes from being a challenge to a hazard. The only ones who made it had a forewarning from either seeing someone stacked or they actually heeded the crowds warning. Going back to your analogy, that would be the entire course as a sand trap and only a patch of green with a hole.
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    What's the difference with yours and my analogy? It would still disadvantage the first people who played the entire sand course if you decided to astro turf it all after the first people played on it.

    And also there are a lot more people riding then the 10 or so you see fall over (There were 196 riders in 2013). There is this magical thing called video editing, which means that the cameraman can actually edit out the 186 riders that didn't crash. Every time there is a second rider they make it over so I would say most people made it over fine. And that's kind of the point of the race, who can make it over the hazards the fastest.

    It is the Dakar rally, not Mr and Mrs Scrubby dance the polka. If you fix a hazard like that you may as well have them race along a track made entirely out of marshmallows. Everybody stacks at some point in the Dakar.
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  18. And on top of that there was even one who saw another rider on the side of the track who had likely stacked it and yet the second numpty continued through and fell even after no doubt noticing this and identifying the hazard might not quite meet the eye.
  19. Fine dust in shallow water like that is like grease.
    I would think the riders would know to go over that stuff dead straight and upright. Guess the ones who crashed are the newbs.
  20. It's a fast blind corner, I would love to have watched the entire stage to see how many did stack on this turn.