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Weird Numbers You Remember

Discussion in 'The Pub' started by MelbourneMick, Sep 6, 2012.

  1. Was sitting around with a few mates the other day and we were talking about numbers you remember. (fk yeah we know how to party)

    Everyone seemed to remember things like their parents first phone number, your sports number (ie first number you had on your back playing sport), you never forget your regimental number.

    But one of my mates can remember and recite on demand the engine number of his first car which was a Ford Cortina circa 1970

    We concluded this was weird and called him Rainman.

    What weird number do you remember?
  2. i can count to 10
  3. I try not to remember numbers, but as soon as I see the same sequence a few times - phone / material number/bar code (at work) etc.. it's in my brain for life - I can't stand it lol...
  4. i was going to say that's nothing special....but then it was stated by special greg ! hahaha
  5. I'm terrible at remembering phone numbers (especially my own), and never had a sports number.

    I do however know my tax file number, my (old) drivers licence number, my bank account number, my credit card number, the rego of every vehicle I've ever owned (6 in total), and then there's also the large number of scientific constants I've used often enough to be embedded in my brain (Avogadro's number, Planck's constant, the gas constant, molar volumes of standard gasses, pi, the atomic weights and electron shell configurations of numerous elements, etc, etc).

    And people wonder why I have trouble remembering names....:LOL:

    Of course the ones that really worry me are those that can remeber the scores of football matches from more than a decade ago - since I can't imagine any information that would be more useless to remember.
  6. you can remember bardcodes?
  7. New York, New York

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  8. Lots of old phone numbers (although a quick check of the UK white pages shows at least some of them still to be valid). Most of the rego numbers of the various vehicles I've been associated with (though I've a curious blind spot regarding my first few bikes). Chassis number of my old forward control Land-Rover. Rego number of a car that was the subject of an episode of a ghastly TV sitcom more than 30 years ago. My UK National Insurance Number, though I haven't needed it in 25 years. UK driving license number, again not needed in a loooong time. Street numbers of houses where I or friends had various manky bedsits in the late 80s. Membership numbers for clubs/societies I was in as a kid/teenager.

    Indeed much of my memory capacity seems to be composed of useless crap at the expense of useful stuff. OTOH I have a never ending supply of effectively untraceable/unguessable material for PINs/passwords :D.
  9. An ex boyfriend had a thing (happy pants moment) for the number 256. It was weird but ever since I see the number everywhere. Freaks me out when I ride out through Christmas hills and see the Motorbike deaths (or is it just accidents?) sign that reads 256 accidents. I thought it was a bad omen when I first rode past.
  10. There's quite a few products at work that don't carry the same barcode as our system has listed (required for confirming pick slips). so I've (not onpurposly) memorised them from reading the codes out to the blokes picking the stuff 5-10 times a day for the last few years.

    But tell me your name and I'll forget it as soon as you walk away...
  11. Pi = 3.1415926535897932384626433832795028841971693993751058209749445923078164062862087986280348253421170679

    And I remeber my credit card details.
    Every phone number I have ever had.
    All rego plates I have ever had.

    But I can't remeber effing birthdays no matter how hard I try!
  12. i like curry pies
  13. things like credit card numbers i can kind of get if you use them alot.
    Scientific numbers....would that be from HAVING to remember them for work or a test ?

    but numbers from 25 years ago!!! Either you used them alot back then or that is weird haha
  14. Various friends' phone numbers from when I was a kid, lots and lots of IP addresses for various web sites.
  15. story of my life right there
  16. Was it just the number 256, or all powers of 2?
  17. are you shittin me ? your remember past 3.1415
  18. why IP addressed? just a lot of internet usage or is there something about those particulat numbers?
  19. Mostly the latter.

    Oh also my credit card numbers, passport number, and phone numbers for the US embassy in a few countries :p
  20. oh god...you're not him are you? 8-[

    It was a whole big math geek thing..soo...yeah? maybe?