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weird noise

Discussion in 'Bling and Appearance' started by Maximus, Apr 20, 2007.

  1. hey guys i ride a honda cbf250. was going to work today and started noticing a crckle/ticking sound when dropping the speed from 60 downwards. not even changing gears. just slowly closing the throttle. stopped to check if the chain and sprocket didn't catch something. couldn't really se or identify if it was actually coming from there or the engine itself. bike is still under warranty but i thought i'd ask your opinions,since i'm not gonna get it looked at just now. should i kep riding or is it something to be aware of???
    any thought appreciated.

  2. How many Ks has it done, have you checked the oil level?
  3. It could be any number of things:

    - Loose or overtight chain / worn sprockets. How long has it been since the chain tension was checked?

    - Stone in tyre tread?

    - Engine noise (will only usually happen due to lack of oil!)

    - other??

    Get it checked!
  4. from my experience could be a loose cam chain.
  5. +1

    Or stone in tead of tyre, lack of oil. Valve clearances.......

    Without hearing it, it's very hard to say
  6. If the bike is still in warranty period, I daresay it's got very few k's on it too? If so, it's unlikely to be anything complicated. Stone in tyre is likely, low oil... possible, but less likely.

    I'd be focussing my attention on the chain. Poorly maintained, loose or dirty chains make all sorts of noises - especially the type you're describing. Check the chain for stiff/siezed links, slack and give it a good clean and lube.
  7. chains

    I would go with chain wear or sloppy
    try some chain lube for a quick fix

    partial to hondas myself

    at worst the valve clearences