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Weird noise and shaking bike.

Discussion in 'Technical and Troubleshooting Torque' started by solidsk8, Jun 15, 2009.

  1. When I ride slow I can hear my bike going 'schwssh' for every time the wheel turns. I was told it could be that the brake pads warped and that I can just wear it down and it will go away. Could it be that or something else?
    I put it on my rear stand and went for a bit in first gear and there was no sound so I'm pretty sure it's coming from the front but I don't have a front stand to check.

    Also when I was riding home tonight my bike shuddered once or twice as I came to a stop, had to give it some revs to stop it. My mate reckons that could be that I got a crap tank of petrol even though I bought premium.

    Anyone know what could be causing these problems? Should I take it to the mechanics?


    Just wanted to add that it's a kawasaki ninja250r 2009. 8000kms, so pretty new n didn't expect to have any problems yet :p
  2. bloody hell, u a courier or something lol

    im guessing with 8000k's your warranty is void
  3. why would my warranty be void? I've had it for almost 6 months, had it serviced at 1000km and 6000km, 8000km isn't that much! :grin:
  4. isnt there a policy where it says 3 years or 5000k's which ever comes 1st?? don't know what it is for kwakas
  5. I have no idea... maybe I should check my book :p I just know it's for 2 years, dealer didn't mention anything about the kms.
  6. 24 months, unlimited kilometres.
  7. ahh thats ok then
  8. now that we got that sorted... why's my bike shaking like a dog pooing razor blades?!
  9. No idea what it would be, but while you have a warranty use it.
  10. because you have been thrashing it for the last 6 months and for 8000k's :LOL: :LOL: :LOL: :LOL:

    as stated, take it to the dealer for warranty before it gets worse, use and abuse your warranty while u can
  11. Check your front tyre thorougly, then the rear as well. Tell us what you see. Are they nearly worn out?
  12. maybe he just rides his bike :wink:
    8000km is alot in 6 months?
    you need to post less and ride more, goz :p
  13. noooo
    these days im only a social rider, old days i was a every day rider
  14. my commute probably adds to about 60km a week. the other 500-1500km i do a week is social riding :p
  15. i was about 200k's a week commute and bout the same in social when i was your age 16 years ago :shock:
  16. and there it is, he pulls out the old age card :p
  17. May as well, before he forgets where he left it....

  18. 250k a week commute adds a fair bit.

    I reckon it's probably somethine to do with the front breaks cause when I rode slow this morning I could hear the noise again but when I applied the front breaks it stopped.

    Also the shaking hasn't happened again, the bike felt good this morning on the way to work! Only hit 3 side mirrors too!
  19. That makes absolutely no sense. :? Fuel doesn't cause a shudder under brakes. If you had fuel getting into your brake lines, they'd have failed with catastrophic results already. :wink:

    The swashhhh sound would proabably be the pads resting lightly on the rotor and nothing to worry about. If there was a scraping sound it would be worth looking for grit/stones stuck in the brakes but your descritption sounds like nothing to worry about. :)

    The shudder when you come to a stop could be a scalloped front tyre or warped rotor. Either way, you need to get that fixed asap. :)
  20. Turns out that after only 8500 kms I wore the brake pads out and had metal squeezing metal, good thing I took it to the mechanics today to have it checked out.

    They had none in stock so took some pads off one of their new ninja 250s, which was much appreciated!!

    Might have to ease off the brakes a bit and use the gears for slowing down.

    :) thanks everyone for their input!