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Weird new Suzuki Gladius

Discussion in 'Bike Reviews, Questions and Suggestions' started by Loz, Sep 26, 2008.

  1. Can someone take the ugly stick off Suzuki :?
  2. well if they are going to end the sv650, i guess they just doubled in price.....what a fcuking ugly ducking :shock:
  3. That's the end of the ol' SV!
  4. Really?

    I reackon it looks like a cross between an en650 (or gsr6000) and a ducati monster.

    I don't mind it.
  5. yeh, its got a bit of a duke look about it hey. dont mind it. it does beg the question as to what will happen to the good old SV though. time will tell
  6. Anything looks better than Hyosung :LOL:
  7. That's why bikes are an individual thing. :)
    They could have used different colours maybe.
  8. I think it's pretty safe to assume SV650 is dead. Actually I've been hearing such rumours for a good few months but appearance of this new bike convinced me: clearly this is their attempt at modernising their entry-level V-twin model - in other words, the SV650.

    As for the looks.. well, how do you feel about the new look Monster then? If you like the Monster you should not bag this Suzuki because the similarity is quite obvious.

    I *could* bag it because I hate what Ducati did to Monster... but I'm not going to, because at least this is a new bike, not screwing around with the legend.

    I just wonder if Suzuki also used one of those f**** stupid 'MotoGP inspired' all-digital displays...
  9. I also reckon it looks a bit like the new Duke Monster. One that has been in the sun too long and melted a bit, that is...
  10. Don't think it looks half-bad myself. Lines are a little 'cluttered', but other than that I think it looks alright.

    As for digital displays...someone just kill me, right now! I'm sick of them. I don't want to be in a Tron movie, I just want to know the gist of whats happening without having to constantly look at the friggin' dash! AHHH! Thats the whole point of analog tachos/speedos - the needle does its thing and you only need perhipheral vision to get the goods.

    Yours sincerely, and angrily - boingk.
  11. Holy shit that's an ugly bike. Never liked naked bikes, but this one takes the cake.

    That retarded looking front light, and really weird looking frame. And all that chrome...

    Not sure what those suzuki guys are smoking, but if it makes that bike look hot, i want some.
  12. I think it looks good. Apart from Suzuki designing some ugly exhausts recently.

    And i wouldn't want it in those poofy colours mixed. All black look much better.
  13. Takes all kinds; I like it :LOL:.
  14. Wheres the faired version at? :p
  15. It's a chick bike. :sick:
  16. Both looks and sounds like a terrible contagious Gland condition.

    "Stay away from me as I've caught a raging case of Gladius. Just look at the rash it's caused..."
  17. Rumor has it that it comes with an iMac, an iBook and an iPod.

    Yes, I think Apple had a hand in styling it.
  18. I like it. Ducati made a mess of the new monster design, and for 5grand less this may be the better bike. Can't wait to see the S-version

    *edit: sv650s ~$11,200 on road, monster 696 ~$13,000+orc
  19. Originally there was the SV. Then Mr. Kawasaki, doing his funky thing, wandered off to the ugly tree, broke off a branch and bashed it against the SV. The ER6 was born. Mr. Suzuki, not to be outdone, responded by taking the ER6, parking it underneath the ugly tree and cutting it down. Instantly pulverising the ER6. Mr Kawasaki just stood beside the ugly stump, agasp, as he watched Mr Suzuki triumphantly drag the Gladius from the debris. Despite this hideous development in motorcycle design, naked motorcyclists everywhere can take some comfort from the fact that nothing can possibly be more ugly than the Gladius, because Mr Suzuki has, most definitely, killed the ugly tree.

    The End.

    (I'm bored)