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Weird 'Knocking' felt/heard

Discussion in 'Technical and Troubleshooting Torque' at netrider.net.au started by dimi, Sep 16, 2009.

  1. Hey all,

    I got a 00' Suzuki GSF250V Bandit, and just recently i have noticed after i changed the oil and made some other adjustments to the chain that i sometimes can feel and hear a knocking through the pedals and (possibly) gearbox? I obviously feel it from the pedals as my feet are on them but its not happening ALL the time which is weird.

    Now i have taken the rear wheel off 1 time, but from working on bikes for a while its not the hardest thing to do and put back on again. I made sure that its all lined up as best as possible according to the marks etc and that the chain has correct tension, although shows a small tight spot in 1 section.

    Its noticeable at low speeds, such as taking off from the lights but then it would go away.

    Any ideas as to what can cause such a thing? I'm gonna be having a more thorough check over the bike but in the meantime, any useful information is much welcomed!

    If you need anymore info just let me know! :)

  2. Is the knocking rhythmical or intermittent?
  3. Could be a tight chain.
    Have you rechecked the chain for min play?
  4. Does the frequency change with your speed or with engine revs?
  5. Its rhythmical when it does knock, and knocks faster the faster i go. :?

    Oh and im gonna go outside now and have a look at it all again. I'll triple check that tight spot in the chain.
  6. What I would generally do in that situation, if it gets faster the faster you go - while you are moving and you hear the knocking, pull the clutch in and rev the engine up and down.

    If the speed of the knocking noise stays constant, it is related to something fixed to the wheel or speed dependent (eg chain, wheel bearings etc).

    If the speed alters as you change revs, it's likely to be engine related: cam, bottom end etc).

    You could also try different gears / try the same thing in nuetral to help determine if it is a gearbox noise.

    That's a starting point and from there you could look at other specific things.
  7. Hmm Good idea! I'll go for a ride a bit later and see if i can narrow it down :)
  8. Well it doesnt change anything when i got the clutch in and rev the engine, rarely did it today and that was all through a 300km trip, to lorne and back and other riding. (im sore lol).

    So i guess that means its probably something fixed to the wheel and/or speed dependent as Morbo28 put it.
  9. Back off your chain adjustment to the slacker end of the range.
  10. I would bet on the chain being the problem. It might be a small tight spot but if you've just tentioned the chain then that would explain the sudden onset of the problem. Put a new chain on and remember to look after it with lots of cleaning and regular lubing. :)
  11. Ok will do that guys :) Cheers!

    Cant afford a new chain atm, so will try the slackening first :)