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weird helmet position!?

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by steltzer, Aug 9, 2011.

  1. how the hell could he see anything!? all i could see was his forehead LOLz

    sorry about my werid spelling, it is late


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  2. Re: werid helmet position!?

    lifting due to wind force and poor fit possible chin strap to loose
  3. Re: werid helmet position!?

    Maybe he has a big forehead? Possibly working for an IT firm?
  4. Re: werid helmet position!?

    The spped he was going on the moped blew his helmet up!
  5. Re: werid helmet position!?

    How did YOU see anything taking pics whilst driving???
  6. Re: werid helmet position!?

    He was wearing his helmet properly, duh
  7. LOL it was 2 kms per hour at around the back of crown, and i know where my camera button is on the phone, i just held it up and took it hoping i got it LOL, and yes, i was wearing my helmet properly haha
  8. Good skills by the rider, keeping both feet up at 2kph. He would've been much faster if he walked it though.
  9. meh 2 - 10 same diff
  10. Ha! At least if he caught you & got pissed off, you could have out-walked him!