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Weird feeling in my hands?

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by Noticibly F.A.T, Oct 11, 2008.

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  1. Does anyone else get this?

    After a ride, of say, 1/2 an hour or more, once i'm stopped and gloves are off, if i tap my hand against something, or tap the palm of my hand, i get a weird sensation thought it. It happens to both hands. The only way i can describe it, is if my hand was a metal frypan, and i bang it against something, and the metal reverberates. Well my hands do that. It really feels weird. I've never felt anything like this before in my life, include when i've broken my bones. The vibrations in my hands don't hurt, they just feel really really weird.... I'm not sure how long it lasts for, but i got back from my ride 10 mins ago, and its still doing it...

    Does anyone else get this? Reckon its worth getting X rays or seeing my GP?

    UPDATE: Feeling goes away after 15 mins

  2. Your hand vibrates after a ride? Don't fight it dude, in fact get a t-shirt made up to let ze ladiess know.
  3. try to hold your upper body up with your core muscles, rather than weighting the bars. when you place too much weight on the bars, you can temporarily crush nerve that runs down your thumb, which is responsible for you hand-grab reflex.
    I reckon you are suffering from this.
    When I ride, even on a sportsbike, i have almost zero weight on the bars (except for steering input).
  4. Sounds like that could be it. Its hard for me though, cause i have short legs, and i'm a top heavy guy (read: massive chest full of muscle), so no matter what bike i'm on, i'm always taller than the handle bars cause i have a long torso (i'm 6ft 2 btw), and when i try and support myself i get a sore back cause i'm so top heavy. Ugh.... I'll have to try harder.....
  5. I'm no lightweight either ;) :LOL:

    but yeah, it's just about riding fitness. The more you try, the faster the appropriate muscles will develop.
  6. i went for a long ride yesterday arvo, and upon returning had the same feeling, almost as though my hands were vibrating, it's cool, unfortunately the wife wasn't home to test any advantages to this strange phenomenon :grin:
  7. I had a pair of gloves recently that gave me the same sensation.
    They must have been a fraction to tight. My hands are ok when I wear my old faithfuls :)
  8. I get this exact same sensation in my hands, be getting it since ive been riding. I don't thnk it's anything to worry yourself about so i guess seeing the GP will be a waste of time
  9. well you know what to do when you get home..... introduce yourself to a stranger...lmfao

    i get the same feeling sometimes when I mow the lawn from the vibration of the mower
  10. I get a similar thing, my hands tend to go numb and white - mainly the little finger and the one next to it, although I have poor circulation.

    Some bikes may put more vibration through the bars than others?
  11. Vibes

    Get yourself some good quality hand grips, heavier handle bar weights or a pair of padded gloves. Sounds like engine vibes causing the problem.
  12. If a GS500 is vibrating that much, it would be best to see a mechanic, not a GP :shock:
    Doubt it's the vibes ;)
  13. It's a pretty common complaint from riders of four cyl bikes, inline four's generally vibrate at their most at around 4,500rpm, this is generally where the rpm is when you are cruising at around 100kph's.

    I wouldn't have thought a parallel twin would have such a high frequency vibration to cause this but then I've never really spent much time cruising on one, did have a 90 degree twin for a year or so, can't remember if it gave me the tinglies.

    My fingers were going numb on my GSXR, so I just got some heavy bar end weights from America, the vibes are heaps better now!
  14. i also get the same sensation after using a lawnmower or elctrical tools like sanders, so i just figured its vibration, plus me being newer to bikes also needing to grip the bars less tight
  15. I was on the way to developing a permanent injury in my right wrist until I changed my bars (from drag bars, to higher ones thus removing weight from my wrists, and with the right wrist bend for me). Might make a difference in your case, too. My current bars strike a happy medium such that the weight is taken by my knees moreso than my bum, so neither does the lower back cop it.

    Motorcycle City and Modaks in Elizabeth Street CBD often have a range of 7/8" bars to try out...
  16. Could be carpal tunnel syndrome....If so, you might need an op to fix it.....Your GP will soon test you. Besides the problem while riding, do you get pins and needles in your hands while in bed?
    I had the op done many years ago as my right hand was going numb from just holding the throttle open. The op involves cutting the sheath in your wrist that the nerves go through.....I had 6 weeks off work back then but these days it is probably less....
  17. When I first started riding, that would always happen. It was a little bit discomfiting - I didn't like the idea that I might be destroying the nerves in my hands or something like that. I don't feel it anymore, and my hands work as well as ever.

    tl;dr ignore it :grin:
  18. i'm with joel your either weighting the bars or puckering up and gripping on too tightly, relax and maintain just enough grip to operate the throttle
  19. i have similar feelings in my feet after long extended rides
  20. Thanks for the responses guys. I didn't expect so many people to have this problem as well.

    Its definately not the bikes fault, it happened on both my old bikes too. And no, i don't get it whilst in bed, so i don't think its carpel tunnel.

    I might see about getting some different bars..... Or bar weights