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Weird Experience In My Cage This Morning?!?!?!?!

Discussion in 'New Riders and Riding Tips' started by aus_dragon, Aug 13, 2007.

  1. Hey Guys,

    I was driving to work this morning in my cage (work car have no choice unfortunatley :cry: ) and after having a reasonably good riding weekend of about 40KM (I know is it doesn't sound much, but it is the most I have riden so far), it felt really strange to be back in the cage.

    A few times as I was approaching a round about I actually felt quite restricted in both sight and movement :? . I found the front window side pillar kept getting in the way of my view more than it normally does and once or twice while driving I actually felt kinda uncomfortable/nervous about the lack of monuverability and perriferal sight available in the car.

    Just wondering if any other newbies have felt this or even the more experienced amongst us.

    And to make matters worse I drove past aleast half a dozen riders on the way in this morning, I could help but to curse each one wishing I was out there with them :p :LOL:

    Cheers Nathan
    Note Please excuse the horrid spelling the coffee machine is out for repairs :evil: and the coffe truck has not turned up yet :cry:
  2. I have the opposite :? Getting off the bike and into the car makes me feel ten foot tall and invincible :oops:
  3. sometimes after i have not used the bike for a while and jump on it. i am riding along and all of a sudden get a freaky feeling that i should be wearing a seat belt. then i realise there isnt one.
  4. I'd prefer you to be reporting that you are MORE aware than less.... :wink:
  5. I found my self not wearing a seat belt when I jumped in the car yesterday after a 200Km bike trip around Tamborine
  6. Don't get me wrong I certainly felt I had more awareness :grin: , the problem was I aslo felt there was more obstacles from using that awareness - windo and door pillars etc :mad: .

    I was use to being able to look where ever I needed and not have to look around a frame etc. :?

    On the bike I felt I had so much more foresight available and was able to see soo much more than in the car :p :grin:

  7. Yeah, going from my bike to my MR2 is a bit of a step - Visibility is excellent all-around in the MR2, but because you sit a lot lower-down than most cars, it's a struggle to see anything past the vehicle ahead. On the bike you can see over everyone else.

    (On the plus side, this is a great psychological reinforcement - Because I can't see as far ahead, my attention towards maintaining safe braking distances is doubled in the sportscar.)
  8. Yes dont worry, when I get the car I find it unnerving that visibility is much much worse than on a bike. But then again I also forget how big the car is and have trouble gauging where I am in the lane, often scraping against walls and such :)
  9. That's natural Aus_dragon. Well seen.

    It's all good. :)
  10. In times of bad weather, i love the warmth and comfort of the cage!

    Plus i know that my bike is resting at home in similar conditions...

    Eventually you'll get used to jumping in and out of both car and bike, but no need to curse... just think that unlike many of the cagers out there, you can jump on your bike and experience the freedom anytime (well expect when u have to use your work car)!
  11. The worst is when you jump back in the car and think you can still lane split.
  12. LMAO.......... :LOL:
    Now that could be fun !!!!!
  13. First time I got in to a car was prob after about 3000kms on my bike. It really felt like I was likein somekind of box. I was driving so I dont know much about the awareness of being a driver. I also note the forces acting on you in a corner is so different.
  14. Haha, yeah - instead of smooth and graceful (bike), its aggressive and lumpy, thanks to the masses of gforce throwing you about. Of course this is alleviated by sportscars, but its still a bit heckers :)
  15. When i get in the car the first things i notice are damn this is smooth but its too slow and cant corner for shit. Currently saving for a sports car now to make up for it :p
  16. Yep!! Noticed the same thing today.
    I am quite new to riding but have been driving for over 25 years.

    Been riding the bike a bit over the last few weeks (weather permitting) but jumped into the car today coz it was so damn cold out there this morning.

    Yes, the comfort was nice but I couldn't help but feel there was 2 tonnes of plastic and metal all around me and that I was sitting in a lounge chair and hanging on to this stupid wheel. WTF!
    It felt so superfluous and so inefficient, masses of whirling metal and rubber, gulping stupid quantites of juice just to do what my 250 can do really easily.

    It felt REALLY weird for a second or two and then passed.

    Also I noticed how much later you can take the turns in a car as compared to a bike, at least a couple of seconds difference at highway speed.
    With the bike I notice you have to have it set up and cranked over into the turn before you get to the bend.
    In the car you can be 1/4 way thru the corner, twiddling with the radio, before you really need to get onto it.

    The brain and other senses definitely have to be switched up a notch or two when riding because it's so much more unforgiving.
  17. Done that, made it through, felt like 1/3 a hero and 2/3 an idiot afterwards :p
  18. Now that I would love to have seen :LOL: :LOL: :LOL: . I would have love to have seen the expression on the faces of the other drivers though :shock:
  19. I have a similar experience in the car/bike transition. I've only ever driven automatic cars so the whole clutch/gear thing is a bit of a foreign concept, don't get me wrong, I understand how it works, just remembering everything I have to do and getting all in the right order is a bit painful. So when I get off the bike and into the car, I usually think "Oh, thank GOD! Something I can actually DO without making an arse out of myself.."

    My best friend has the opposite reaction. He gets off the bike, into the car and thinks "Well, this is boring." Give me a few weeks and maybe I'll have it all worked out and will feel the same way.

    We both agree that the rider training has made us better cagers though. We're more aware of our surroundings and dangers on the road.
  20. ^^im alot more aware of bikes when i drive now.

    when i got in my car this morning after riding ~ 120k last night on the mystery ride it just felt too easy.
    sitting in my 2tonne fairlane the car just does all the work, turning just happends and i just sit there comfortably in the lounge, listening to my music with the climate controll on 32 degrees in my own little world.

    when im on the bike i have to be switched on, do all the work. i like that feeling, like I'm the one in controll, not the car.

    It takes a few minutes each time i make the transition from one to the other before im really in the required zone. driving the 5.3m boat/fairlane just dosent excite me anymore, however its still a nice comfortable means of transport when the weathers poor.

    my 2 cents. Ben