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Weird double mail in Outlook

Discussion in 'The Pub' at netrider.net.au started by hornet, Mar 17, 2010.

  1. Last night I reset the "Junk Mail" settings in Outlook to maximum, and now I'm getting two copies of every item in my Inbox :? .....

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  3. just do it, u will feel better

  4. That's the crappiest looking Apple logo I've ever seen.
    Done on a Mac I suppose.

  5. Nope, just one account, and the Microsoft hotfix points to Service Pack 2; I'm running Service Pack 3.

    It's my home computer, running a workgroup network, why WOULDN'T I use Pop3 :? :?
  6. any more info ?
  7. Well, IMAP is a much better option, allows you to keep a copy of the email on their mail server until you are ready to delete it and, as a consequence means you could access your ISP mail via their web client. Whereas POP3, unless you configure it to do otherwise will download to your PC, rendering it only accessible to that PC.
  8. +10000000000

    although sometimes the iPhone does the double email thing with imap ... for 5 seconds... like it catches itself and say "oh oops i see you already have those..."

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  10. better late then never, I have solved this problem.

    The solution lay in the number of 'Rules' I was using to channel incoming mail to appropriate inboxes.

    Over many iterations of Outlook, over many computers, I have kept my outlook.pst file, but, unnoticed, I had built up numbers of Rules to cover this process, some of them duplicates of other existing Rules. I think, from memory, I had 4 Netrider Rules.

    So I deleted ALL the rules and started from scratch; lo and behold I got an email from Netrider. Just ONE email from Netrider. So I created a Netrider Rule, and so on with the various recurring emails I get.

    Now I only get one version of each email YAY!!!!!
  11. Double ups usually happen on time outs
  12. It wasn't posting on forums that was the issue, it was receiving multiple instances of the same email in Outlook.......
  13. You've had this problem for 18 months and only just fixed it? I'm not sure what's more amazing, the fact that you put up with it for so long, or that you came back to this thread to update it...
  14. I didn't find a solution, so I put up with it

    It's school hols at the moment so I had some time to chase it again

    Actually I updated the thread in the hope that the solution might be helpful to others as well......
  15. Oh no, that's a great thing - I hate googling for something and going through thread after thread of no answers. I'm just amazed that you remembered!
  16. I've made the odd post or two here, but perversely I remember a lot of them, particularly the ones where I've posted up a problem, whether or not it got solved.

    Netrider is a great place for all sorts of reasons :)