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Weird Bikes

Discussion in 'Bike Reviews, Questions and Suggestions' started by rc36, Jul 31, 2005.

  1. Someone posted about the Munch Mammoth the other day and I've been drivelling about the Benelli Adiva so I thought I'd throw this one in.

    Anyone remember the Quasar??

  2. That looks really interesting.... I wonder how it would feel to ride. The handeling would be very different.

  3. My guess is that some of the Pommie mags would have road tested it...probably on the net somewhere..
  4. Breeding ground

    I've been scouring the 'Net in vain for a pic of a real weirdo bike.
    It was a Moto-Guzzi endurance racer, built by an English guy called Tomkinson, as I recollect. It has centre-hub steering, was as ugly as a hat-full and was nicknamed Nessie. It raced in the Bol D'Or in the mid seventies; if you've got a picture, you'll know exactly what I mean!
  5. I remember those :shock: did'nt Beyond 2000 do a report on them :?:

    Cheers 8)
  6. Don't know if it's quite classed as a bike or a car but I reckon these carver things (see link below) are an interesting compromise between the two.

    edit: fixed link - seems they don't like being in brackets
  7. Problem with the Carvers are that they are stuck with a gutless little Daihatsu engine.

    Bung a decent engine (turbo Busa?) in it and they'd be a LOT of fun though.
  8. I'd like to ge a look at that rear suspension/steering set up.

    Seems you could make a decent disable vehicle out of it
  9. Re: Breeding ground

    The "nessie" was built by Mead and Tomkinson, the first prototype being based on a Laverda engine the second using Kawasaki components. Pictures can be found here: http://www.appeldephare.com/motos/bol41.html though the article's in French.
  10. They sure did Dazza , i remember watching it . About 2 weeks ago me thinks.
  11. Probably should read some road tests before condemning it completely, jd. :):):):) The centre-hub steering concept isn't new, of course, but it's very good and nearly every bike that has been fitted with the various variations of it over the years has been a fine-handling machine with many advantages over the traditional front suspension setups.

    Yes, I know it looks strange, but it WORKS.

    So why aren't the major manufacturers producing it?? Well, BMW uses a similar setup (not exactly the same) and is doing well. Yamaha had a 1000cc bike (the GTS 1000) years ago with one and it was a beaut, but opposition to the design saw it unpopular in the salesroom and so it was quietly shelved.


    Here's an interesting article.


    Weird? Maybe.
    Effective? Yes.
  12. I know that, doesn't mean I have to like it though. :p Looks too much like something out of a Japanese Anime. :LOL:

    Edit: Oh and if you want to see something really weird check out this:
  13. Unkind!!!!!!