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Weird Bike Dreams - you know you have them!

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by Respi, Oct 7, 2008.

  1. Ok I've done a forum search & a Google search and nothing came up - so if this is a repost don’t blame me. :LOL:

    Ok - so the last few nights I keep having the same dream that I'm at the track ready for another great day of fun only to have my dream/day ruined because every time I go to leave the pits I cant because I’m only wearing socks!!

    Then when I’m back in the pits kicking the wall with rage my boots are back on....

    Rinse, wash & repeat the dream from start - it's so tormenting!

    Ok Discuss your weird bike dreams of the "non sexual" nature here...
  2. its a sign that you shouldnt bring your benelli to the track
  3. SNAP!!! that hurt!
  4. before i started riding i always had dreams about being out on the road and forgetting how! same with driving. I'm sure that says somehting really profound about my life!
  5. I will be running laps in my head whilst half asleep, and occasionally (quite often if I've just had a big one in real life) crash. Random corner, might tuck the front or high side, always different and always scares the sh1t outta me and wakes me up. They are bloody realistic, none of this slow motion in-your-dreams stuff.
  6. Just kidding mate. :p

    I had a chance to see a MV brutale go *SMASH SMASH SMASH* at eastern creek. I believe that bloke wished he has gone to the beach or somewhere else for that weekend.
  7. I know mate - it's a fair call actually for so many reasons :)

    I have two fears;

    One - it will shit itself at the track
    two - i'll bin it at the track
  8. Dreamt I lost it on a corner and rode right off a big f$%^ off cliff one time. Straight down free fall for maybe seven or eight seconds. Woke just at the point of impact - they say that if you don't wake at that point... it's because you're dead :shock:
  9. I dreamt that I flew off a cliff deliberately, like a stuntman.

    rev it up *vroom vroom* then let it ripped....straight off a cliff. dont know why. and I dont know wat bike either.
  10. strange i had one last night it was really good
  11. I once had a dream that i was riding a dirt bike through this huge field and then all of a sudden the power drops off and the throttle does nothing. I look down only to see that my motorbike now has pedals. So i start pedalling around the field on my motorbike, strange though that in the dream it was really easy to pedal, and i was also still operating the throttle while peddaling......
  12. :-k
  13. interesting thread title to see the day after I had my first ever dream about riding o_O

    I was riding my new (I haven't taken delivery yet) gsxr750. I wasn't impressed by its speed. But i did go through a red light. yeah.. that was weird :p
  14. the other day i rode off in sunshine in a 5km stretch i went from sunny to rescuing a tortoise stranded on the driving line only to be smashed by hail as i rode off, i didnt have a dream but was weird enough in real life for me. ps the tortoise never said thanks as i put it in a dam or i woulda been dreaming ungrateful shelled critters
  15. I had a dream a couple of weeks ago that I was riding my bike being a smart arse (maybe not a dream :LOL: ) and I tried to do a stoppy at a set of lights, there was oil and crap on the road and the bike slid out from underneath me and in front of a shazza in a white VR commodore who then proceeded to drive over my bike.... That is all...
  16. Whats more disturbing is you don't seem to notice or care that your ONLY WEARING SOCKS!!!
  17. Cops chasing me then before they pull me over I wake up
  18. oh man.. i've had so many dreams about riding..

    when i went to get my L's there was this girl that was doing the test at the same time.. man was she beautiful.. and she was a biker.. like omfg yu hawt letz shexxxxx!! but i didnt get her number!
    so anyway i had a dream i was out riding and when i pulled up at the lights i saw her in full black leathers.. sitting on her brand spankin new green ninja. and im like :eek: oh hot dayum she sexy as. she smiled and winked at me then takes off, and im trying to catch her on my cbr250rr but i cant catch her. LOL

    fk you whoevers laughing at my dream. she was hot. seriously.