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weird bias...

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by Fa1c0n, Jun 14, 2011.

  1. I have this weird bias against people who ride the 3 wheel bike, not trikes they are ok, the ones that have 2 wheels at the front!


    Its odd.. i just feel, like they are not "real" motorcycles/motorcyclists.

    Im aware this is a stupid bias, but does anyone else feel this?

    Also is it true you dont need a bike licence to ride them?
  2. I agree completely. Yes, one parks near my work and it frustrates me every time I see it. It is so plasticcy and ugh...
  3. not trolling.
  4. i have to agree, I see one in my local town that has this MASSIVE windshield. I want to push it over every time I see it.
    Oh those big Can-Am ones? Nah I reckon they're pretty cool. Saw one roll into a supermarket parking lot once, I have to say it was quite a sight!
  5. dont worry about what other people own or do as long as it doesnt effect you it shouldnt bother you ok you might not be trolls but you sure are wankers
  6. No worse than small cruisers.
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    they arent trollin.


    its just an opinion. that those 'things' are gay. which they are.
  8. gay wankers?
  9. Small cruisers give me the shits... every time I see a Virago I think "ooh, is it a 535?" "no it's a god damn 250"
    Those damned 250 Viragos are everywhere.
  10. It isnt trolling. Id prefer to be seen on a bright pink 50cc scooter than the motorcycle equivalent of the reliant.

    They are downright ugly imo and have to wonder why you would choose one over..... well anything.
  11. The reliant has a single front wheel and two back wheels. The closest thing to the motorcycle equivalent of the reliant is a trike, and trikes are uber cool.
  12. How about learning to embrace all forms of motorcycling? If you haven't tried a Piaggio MP3 or Fuoco 500 you've missed one of the most fun experiences in motorcycling. One of those on a wet Mount Glorious road is just insane. Or go 50cc scooter racing for 24 hours to see if you're hard enough. The diversity is what keeps the fun going much longer. There are lots of bikes I choose not to ride, starting with cruisers, but happy trails to all those who do choose them.
  13. Lol I used to race (myself) around my backyard with my hyosung rally 50cc scooter. Pissed the gardener off to no end xD
  14. Seems ok to me and you do so need a bike license to ride one.

  15. I liked a comment someone made on here somewhere regarding them.

    I believe it was along the lines of:
    They combine most of the bad points of cars and bikes, and very few of the good points.

    That said, ive no problem with them if someone can live with that! :p.
    My nanna wants one... or a big trike...
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    I actually find how the two front wheels let you lean brilliant engineering.
  17. I think you really need to try one for half an hour or so to really get an idea. I've ridden the MP3 250, MP3 400 and Fuoco 500 they are all sensational.

    Just go down to a scooter store ask for a test ride and tell me how you feel after.
  18. you need a motorcycle licence to ride them.
    you also need to be a homo, like a virago rider, but even gayer.