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Weight placement?

Discussion in 'New Riders and Riding Tips' started by Noodie Pooh, May 21, 2007.

  1. Hi, the Pooh’s got a question? :-k

    Every body is talking about shifting their weight laterally on a bike, ie. from side to side, keeping the bike upright. Good idea too!

    I’m wondering though, when shifting your weight longitudinal on a bike, ie. forwards or backwards, does this make any difference whatsoever? I would imagine that by sitting closer to the tank and leaning forward would place more force on the front tire and moving backwards could place more pressure on the rear.

    Now, the question is, does it make much, if any difference and if so; more pressure on the front could either help stick the rubber down in corners, or place to much weight on the front and increase loss of traction? If this is the case, then leaning forward would also aid or hinder traction on the rear tire!

    Pooh is confused!?!? :-s

  2. More weight above either the front or rear tire will increase the amount of grip that tire has (and i can go into the long physics explanation of this if you really want...) If you sit fairly far back you move the centre of gravity/mass backwards.

    However, if you sit fairly forward, up against the tank, that position is the best one to be in. Why? Because the bike has been designed with that seating position in mind, with that spot being above the bikes centre of gravity/mass and as such gives you the best balance possible. It also gives you the most stability in staying on the bike, as you can grip the tank with your legs.