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Weight Loss Thread

Discussion in 'The Pub' at netrider.net.au started by Bravus, Nov 22, 2013.

  1. So, I got down to 92 kg last year, then hit a stressful patch and pitched in to too many drinks (not a lot at one time for deep drunkenness, just very consistently a few) and too many lollies and way too much Maccas and Red Rooster. So last week I was 107 kg: 15 kg heavier.

    That kind of weight gain is also really unhealthy, because when fat deposits fast it goes around your organs, not just in the gut and the fat layers.

    So I'm working at getting back to a sensible weight and staying there. I reckon I can sensibly, sustainably see in the New Year at about or just under 100, and be back to 92 in time for my 50th birthday in April.

    There'll be 2-3 'easy ones' this week that are just water weight going away as I get off the stupidly high sodium and such of the junk food, but apart from that I reckon a pace of 2 kilos every 3 weeks or thereabouts should be manageable.

    An app that was recommended to me by a friend is free on the iPhone (haven't looked into whether there is an Android version) called 'MyFitnessPal' (I know, terrible name). It just makes counting kilojoules (calories) really easy - and sort of 'gamifies' it. It keeps track of exercise and water consumption as well as food, and gives a target energy (kilojoule) allowance per day to meet your weight loss targets. At my size, my daily goal is 7908 kJ (a bit under 2000 Calories/kcal). I can, obviously, beat that target if I want to lose weight faster.

    I've coupled that with another one called 'MapMyWalk' which does what it says on the tin - and also tells me how far I've walked. I don't use the kJ numbers it generates, which seem optimistic, but put the distance and speed into MyFitnessPal to determine how many kJ I've used.

    Just walking the dog or going for a walk on the beach with the Mrs, or walking across campus to a distant cafe for lunch, can stack up 3-4 km a day... which puts me on target for 100 km a month. And that is counted against the daily target, which means I can choose to either eat more or lose weight faster.

    Will keep this thread going, at least partly as a form of accountability.

    Others are very welcome to tell their own stories, share their own tips and achievements and so on...

    I'll do a weekly weigh-in on Monday mornings as a measure of my progress.

    Going a little bit harder than will be long-term sustainable in this first week: it's very motivational to see some early runs on the board.
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  2. Fat bastard......:p
  3. You called? :p

    I'm working on something similar, though I don't care what I weigh as such, I really just want to get through training without almost passing out, and fitting into my old leather jacket well enough to bring it out of retirement would make very happy indeed!
  4. Good on you, maybe you could put together a montage, that way instead of a couple of months, it would only take a couple of minutes...

  5. Useful fact from Flux in an old thread here (Metabolic Syndrome thread if you want to search it):

    An energy deficit of 32,200 kJ roughly corresponds to a kilo of weight loss.

    That's helpful to know, since MyFitnessPal keeps track of the net amount by which the target has been beaten.

    I did think about including, in the invitation to participate, the words "Or those who have chosen to embrace rather than fight their fat-bastardry are welcome to tell us why. ;D

    But oh, I know I am/was a fat bastard: man-bewbs in t-shirts and glimpses of a white and hairy gut in the mirror and a double chin all sing that song loud and clear.

    And I also remember how good it felt to be at 92... and there's space to go further than that. But even then I was much more comfortable in a t-shirt, fitted my bike jacket better and didn't get puffed tying my shoes because my gut got in the way!
  6. I dropped over 20 kg about 115-120 down to 85 ish at 6'2. I wasn't "fat" but blood sugars were showing an increase. Absolutely perfect now.
    No soft drink or cordial, cut out sugar and pastry, only multigrain bread, no white potatoes. Threw in things like chic peas and sweet potatoes. I cut down meal sizes and added a Youghurt every night.
    I do splurge a little now and then but am back to being more cautious.
    Downside is I have all these expensive jeans and shorts that don't fit.Bought by my ex so I am gradually building up cheaper stuff that is more practical. Cautious since I might lose more weight.

    Odd thing is that sweet things started to taste like rubbish - too sweet.
    I disliked the taste of diet drinks (ew) but manage with a bit of Pepsi Max or Coke Zero now.

    So, while all these suckers do their 12 week challenges then need to keep doing them again because they fall off the bandwagon I just changed diet to something sustainable. Funny that.
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    I had surgery in May (gastrectomy) and so far have lost 29kg. Recently, I had to carry 2 x 10kg bags of cat litter from the car to the house, and thought, "shit, I used to carry that weight with my knees and back - no wonder they're shite."

    Am trying to motivate myself to do a 20 minute walk per day, or at least do SOMETHING, even if it's just around the block. Not easy bc I'm a lazy arsed slob.

    ETA.. The $1600 leathers I had specially made by Tiger Angel (bc I couldn't buy anything off the rack at all) are now not able to be worn bc they're way too big. Bought a cheap set from Bikers Gear, and expect to have to do that again in a few months. Have gone down from 126 to 97kg so far.
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  8. G'day Bravus. I lose 200kg everytime I get off my bike!

    Good luck with your efforts - smaller portions and no or minimal grazing will go a long way. I've got 5 years on you, am 75kg, reasonably short, but run long distances regularly, so concede that weight monitoring takes effort.

    BTW, can we all come to the big FIVE - OH bash?:)
  9. Was about to say 'Hell yeah, sounds like a plan!'

    Then I remembered I live in Queensland. Heap of bikes turn up, we could all be off to the gulag!

    I was 73 kg when I got married, but spent a couple of years going to the gym after that and put on a fair bit of muscle that I haven't lost, so if I got back to that I'd be emaciated. Something in the mid-80s as a long term goal makes a lot of sense for me.

    Congrats to all those above who have told the success stories: all motivating, all proving it's doable.
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  10. Yeah, I'm definitely thinking of it as a lifestyle change rather than a diet. As I said, going a little harder this week, but basically I want to find a new mode of life that includes more activity and better food, that keeps me healthy as long as possible. Grandkids could be along in another 5-10 years, and it would suck to be too old, fat and out of breath to play with them.

    As I also alluded in the OP, in health terms it's almost better to stay fat than to yo-yo (due to fat on organs), so I *need* something sustainable so that once I get into my target zone I keep living that way for the rest of my life.
  11. Good luck Bravus.

    I started my fitness campaign a couple of years back and lost 44kilos, managed to run my first marathon etc. i went from 164kilos to 120. have gone up again due to depression etc and am now at 139. I drew the line in the sand again last week since i have entered an Ironman. Just to see what I am capable of.

    I feel I have my depression under control and so I now must take advantage of these feelings and push on.

    Snacking and comfort eating is my down fall since I train at the gym 3 times and week and have increased my running and cycling and swimming ready to push on to the start line in march next year.

    I measure myself mainly by the fit of my clothes. even though I want to be down to 100kilos to jump out of an aeroplane. which is also on my bucket list.

    Those apps are awesome i should get back to using the food tracking one.
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  12. Sorry to be having fun at your expense Bravus but I'm one of those cocky bastards who eats like a starved pig and never varies from the 79k I have weighed for 30 years.
    Low blood pressure, low blood sugar, low cholesterol, makes you sick doesn't it ?
    Probably get hit in head with a golf ball and be the fittest stiff in the morgue.
    Good luck with it by the way.
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    I was 114kg (6'1 20yrs) at the beginning of the year, now I am 108kg...

    I know, it's not that much, but it does feel better. I was 100kg 2 years ago and I would like to weigh that or less.

    I have also been thinking about getting a boxing bag, I remember when I played AFL, at training the boxing hurt like a throbbing dick.
  14. Fear and failure are both only inside us. Nothing out there can stop you achieving your goals.
    Dieting is also a great way to raise the ph level in your blood...not good, there's no use being skinny and dead, or wanting to die.
    To kick start your metabolism you need acid. Grapefruit for breaky will do this really well. This will make you loose weight just standing there. It will also make you more hungry and raise the acid level of your blood.
    If you really want to loose weight, get your blood done and a find a diet to match it with someone who knows what there doing.
    Then set achievable exercise goals every day, all fitting into your monthly target. Be realistic and not too hard on yourself setting your goals. There's no use being down even more at the end of a month, that will work against you.
    The first three months of exercise will suck. After that you will miss it if your not doing it. If you get your head right it becomes your time, and yeah you can get to love it.
    It hurts!!!! it always will hurt. You get to love that pain, because not long after the pain starts, if you keep going you get the best natural rush you've ever had.
    I would probably recommend learning to meditate as well. It's a much healthier way to let things go than food or piss. Once again it will suck till it becomes a habit, then it will be a life tool.
  15. I'm far from a fine example of health and fitness but one good tip I picked up is to not get into a routine. Routines let your body adapt and find the most efficient way to use and store energy (as fat).
    The theory is to constantly vary your exercise routines (i.e. not every day or every morning), have irregular breaks of a day or two or three, to constantly upset the metabolic system. To a lesser extent the same with food.
    Constant exercise and dieting just creates a body more efficient at extracting and storing energy.
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  16. I just finished a 12 weeks program and lost 13Kg in that time. Never felt better in my life.

    The secret is to stick to the plan. Remember that nutrition is the most important part. But a good routine works wonders.

    Have a look at before and after photos:

  17. That (titus' tip about variety) makes sense to me.

    The 'acid blood' thing never really does. The prescriptions always seem counter-intuitive: 'you're too acid, eat more lemons!'

    I agree that exercise is going to be important, but I'm starting from very, very sedentary, sitting on my arse at a desk all day. Walking is the place to start: I don't want to be that dickhead who goes from zero to going for a run and has a massive heart attack.

    As time goes by I'll work up to more swimming, squash, tennis and gym. Building more lean muscle mass (without becoming a bodybuilder) is definitely gonna help.
  18. No worries at all. My old man has always been much bigger than me again, right from his 20s - he was recently quite excited to have got *down* to 120 kg - and is also fit as a fiddle and still driving school buses in his late 70s. He's enormously strong - used to sling 200 L drums of stuff around every day in his job - but just has a metabolism that makes him a big guy: and enjoys his fatty foods as well. We're Irish farming stock, bred to do a solid day of manual labor on a potato and a smidge of ham: the combination of a desk job and the abundance of energy-dense foods is just a mis-match with my genes, but it's about adapting.
  19. Ha. My weight goes up and down a bit, depending on whether it's holidays or not. I can put on 10 Kg easy when I stop work and go OS on holiday.
    To loose it, I just stop eating crap. Cut out the takeaways and softdrink etc. Mostly. And walk most nights. Up the biggest hill I can find. Far more energy expended walking up and down big hills than on the flat. Scenery is much more interesting too. For about an hour. Good for everything. Legs, lung capacity etc. Feel much better doing so too. A few weeks of that, mixed up with riding my mountain bike a bit so I don't get bored with the whole caper, it's all good again. Can still eat decent meals and have a few beers, so definitely not starving myself or feeling miserable. Actually quite enjoyable. Just a wee bit of motivation required to get the whole deal rolling. Don't stress about the whole deal, or frantically weigh yourself 6 times a day either. Maybe at the end of each week.
  20. Yeah, I'm doing weekly weigh-ins, rounded to whole kg, which should iron out the whole 'have I peed lately' factor. ;)

    Even at that, with sustainable rates of loss for me there'll be some weeks in which the number doesn't move. Those are the ones to not give up, but hang in there.