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webBikeWorld WeeTect Anti-Fog Visor Insert Review

Discussion in 'Motorcycling News' at netrider.net.au started by NetriderBot, Aug 8, 2016.

  1. WeeTect is a new name in anti-fog visor inserts for motorcycle helmets.

    But WeeTect Inc. isn't new; the company has been in business since 1993.

    They manufacture all sorts of eye and face protection products including visors and face shields for motorcycle helmets, safety helmets and more.

    The company also makes plastic sheeting and WeeTect even makes auto-darkening welding helmets and plastic mirrors.

    And since 2005, WeeTect has been the sole source for pilot visors for the Chinese government.

    In the Fall of 2015, WeeTect expanded its anti-fog visor insert manufacturing capability to enter the retail and original equipment (OE) markets for these products.

    WeeTect sent us a few of their new anti-fog visor inserts, which are unique because they meet many of the CE, ISO and ASTM standards for optical, mechanical, physical and thermal specifications.

    The inserts are relatively easy to install and they are designed to be used without the face shield "pins" necessary to locate the Pinlock type.

    WeeTect anti-fog inserts may be available to end users also but the details regarding distribution and retail have yet to be determined.

    Nevertheless, this is an interesting product that is definitely of interest, so a "Quick Look" is in order.

    By the way, webBikeWorld has been reporting on photochromic and electrochromic visors and anti-fog face shields and inserts for motorcycle helmets since 2005.

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  2. I recently bought the Fog City anti fog insert. If your helmet isn't pinloc ready it's your only real choice. The upside is it's ridiculously easy to install, even I could do it. The down side is that as it sticks directly to the visor if the insert fails for any reason you need to replace the visor.
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  3. It makes me think you'd get a bottle of wee wee and spray it inside your visor.
    I think they need a new name for the product.
  4. Have just wacked on a Fog City onto the spare visor that came with my (non-PinLock) helmet.

    Will let you know how I go - but trying to fog it up at home not working. Put the standard visor on and it fogs like a dodgy niteclub, put the FoG City fitted visor on and fogs around the FC, but not in the main field of vision