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Weeknight coffee night meets in Western Sydney!

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by AznCruiser, Oct 20, 2010.

  1. Hi all just wondering if anyone knows of any weeknight coffee meets in western sydney or a place where riders usually hang out.

  2. lol you sick of Starbucks?
  3. Yeah thats right. I had to listen to idiotic teenage chicks yesterday who sounded like they came straight out of some lame Hollywood brat show. Reminded me of a bogan Paris Hilton without the looks or the dosh or even the accent down pat.

    I do like Starbucks' their Green Tea Frappuccino and their Flat White. Oh well, considering im usually jacked with at least 10 cups of coffee before I finish work, im sure one more cup isnt gonna make a ounce of difference....might even let me have more than 4 hours sleep a day.
  4. well......it is an American coffee house. There is your problem.
  5. Yeah you might be right, although ive met my fair share of yanks, they all seem normal :). Maybe im just getting on in years lol.

    I couldnt help but drop by again yesterday night though, had a nice flat white to warm up the bones and a short pit stop before heading off home.

    Tell me when your going there next.
  6. First thing i will do is, i'll tell you when i've finally picked up my damn bike. I'll definately need a coffee once that is done...then i'll race you to Homebush for the learner's session.

  7. I thought you already had. Werent you out bike shopping last weekend?
  8. yeap! signed the dotted line...still waiting to pick it up...:nopity:
  9. Did you get the Virago?

    Trust me mate, it shouldnt be the violin when you start riding her all over the place...what a blast. Now a home loan on the other hand is ball and chain + violin material = doom and gloom and eating Mi Goreng for the next 30 years :(.
  10. yeah was the virago

    lol hear you on the loan front! pasta and tomato sauce for the next 30 years :)

    still...a bike would give me more smiles