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[Weekly] Workday Rides

Discussion in 'VIC' at netrider.net.au started by blackadder, Apr 20, 2012.

  1. Time to organize some weekday rides (mon-fri)! Not everyone has the cookie cutter 9-5 work schedule, and hell, some of us don't work at all (not me unfortunately :p). I'll be posting up some rides here, so if you're free come along and enjoy the quieter roads.

    For the first ride I'm thinking to do the usual ride through the Spurs, from Reefton to healsville..

    Thursday, 26th April: Meet at 7/11 corner Stud/Wellington Rds Rowville at 9-45 for 10am leave. hopefully i'll have my bike back by then!

    All are welcome, just "don't fall off" :) Fairly relaxed ride.
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  2. sounds good to me
  3. Sounds good to me too as thursdays and fridays are my only ride days. I'll try and make it subject to how my Anzac celebrations go :) ... My house mates are planning a party!!
  4. im out for now, anyway
  5. First day at my new job on that day!! :D
  6. You say this now......after I've finished my holidays.

  7. Interested, But got to get my boat happening first, Need to fix the holes in it,

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  8. Am toying with getting another boat myself at the moment. Sold my cougar cat in december - the harbour here is just a bit too choppy for the light sucker of a thing.
    Really cant decide whether to aim at a bowrider (chop might be a biatch there too), a medium sized fishing boat that can still stick a 150hp on the back for the fun factor, or go for a small yacht thats big enough to take to sea, and that still has a decent engine in it (because i hate the idea of putting along on a 20 or 30hp motor on a yacht, put a farking 200hp in it!!!).

    I turned down a jetski the other day, was an awesome offer, but they are worse money sinkholes than a normal boat!

    On topic though, weekday rides rock. One small plus about doing shiftwork :D. Cant join in though im afraid, little far away :p.
  9. Ha! enjoy the party, hopefully see you on thursday!

    There is always next week, aye? Hope you get your bike sorted

    good luck.. i'm keeping an eye on your blog.. :)

    =D> any chance you have some video footage while on board?
  10. thanks man!!
  11. i get rostered days off every 3 weeks,
    if theres one happening when im next off i may be interested
  12. i'd go if i cbf...
    nice avatar by the way :)
  13. I have quite a few, But it takes hours to upload, so I dont bother,
  14. Woah what a day. Waited till 10.10am no one turned up, so off i went. Just as i got to emerald, i thought fk it i'm going to Dargo.

    Took all the back roads, just as i passed through Nojee and icy creek (which was in shit cond) and hillend i saw ahead blue skies all bone dry.. the road to dargo is a rippa! I did it twice just for fun.

    Headed back the same way to Moe, it got dark so i jumped on freeway... just passed pakenham and my dash lights go dim. Shit haha.. pull into servo, i think the R/R is fried... now waiting for a friend with trailer... still smiling cause dargo was ****in brilliant!

    Pics when i get home.

    Will go again next week probably.. next thursday..
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  15. Is it possible to buy a non-Triumph R/R that will fit/work?
  16. Not happy that i missed this! The party last night was a rippa though, went to bed about 5 am. No way i would have made it to the ride! Sorry about not putting it up to let you know. I'm in for next week for sure. Any way we could make this a friday thing though? I work afternoon shifts and finish midnight on Wednesday, would not mind a few more hours of sleep though :)

    Sorry about your little electrical problem but glad to know you had fun!! See you next week!!
  17. I believe you can. I'm not 100%.. I'll do all the reading tonight and hopefully get her back on the road by next weeks ride. i'll keep you posted..

    yeah thanks man, it was an awesome day. It all depends on how quick I get my bike running again. But yeah, we can do friday.. :)

    Piccys! a shame i forgot my camera at home.. phone pics will have to do...

    at noojee.. the bike is relatively clean at this point.. the mud and water on C465 fixes that soon enough.. scored a free lemon slice from the wonderful lady opposite the place shown in the pic. thanks!

    somewhere on C465.. weather looks like shit..

    weather improving.. have a guess where this is..

    looking further east, the weather is promising

    pit stop at stratford

    somewhere at the start of road to Dargo.. dry, excellent surface all the way. the scenery is amazing, if i stopped at every postcard, i'd still be there

    bee keeping in what looks like old file cabinets? can't really see the bees in the pic, but there were heaps trust me.

    dargo.. before i took the pic, had a chat with a couple adventure bike riders, first thing they said, "does she go alright?" and then "yeah mate, get off the road and get on the dirt" .. there must be awesome trails out here, lots of dirt bikes around. they were carrying slabs of beer to a group of mates camping out with their bikes.. hehe..
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  18. on the single lane bridge before dargo... just brilliant..

    look at how awesome the weather is

    :cry: trailer ride home.. :nopity:

    Next ride details (assuming i get the bike going by then): Friday, 4th of May. Meet at 9.45 for 10am leave. Cnr Stud/Wellington rd, rowville at 7/11.

    destination? open to suggestions.
  19. Ordered a R/R from regulatorrectifier.com. It's plug and play, no need to mod connectors or anything like that and its a MOSFET design rather than SCR based. Ordered on Friday night, arrived Tuesday.. damn fast..

    Took the old one out. One of SCRs were f'ed. Tested stator just in case, passed no probs. Put everything back together, charged up the battery, started first shot. Checked ECU for any complaints- all good. while i'm at it, i'll install a phone charger and a general cigarette connector under the seat.

    TL;dr: bike is running.. see you guys on friday!
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  20. Good shit mate.
    I reckon mosfets are much more robust than SCR.
    Hopefully no more problems.