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weekly questions

Discussion in 'The Pub' started by flexorcist, Feb 12, 2008.

  1. hey all, well i did make a very random blog and pointless website recently, in between buying heaps of crap for myself, (heaps of crap = heaps of debt), which kept me very busy while my bike was in the shop for 2 weeks, (hence why i've been so quiet around these parts)...

    a vietnamese computer nerd at work who is amused tremendously by my random thoughts, (reading my own crap back i'm thinking he's amused by cultural differences), told me to blog things. so i did. it was a bit weird.

    however, now my friends, i've decided one that has one purpose and one purpose only. to ask a question. one that pops into my head that i want answered by opinions. that blog is here

    its not meant to be offensive, or controversial, or anythiung like that. however it's just starting out and i had one question that left everyone else like wtf...

    so feel free to answer it, or email or pm me with your own question that might make an appearance (with credit to you of course), in due course.

    don't pick on me for being weird, but i think you guys are a mixed bunch who may come up with interesting answers or questions.
  2. Are you pro pilots brother?
  3. no why? should i be expecting some good questions to ask from him???

    and thanks to joel for giving me the response i was looking for :)
  4. nobody loves me. i was expecting some netriders to ask me some questions i ould post. you disappoint me
  5. They are your personal thoughts and you are entitled to them.
    Why you want to share them with total strangers is beyond me.
    Personally I'd keep my personal thoughts to myself and not share them with anyone.
    Educated opinions are another matter.
  6. you need to have 2 nuerons to rub together to have a thought Tractor man :LOL:
  7. heres one for you .
    Q: Why are sportsbike riders the biggest bunch of apathetic , un reliable people in the community .

    PM me when you are ready for me , I have plenty for you to write .

  8. At least i can spell neurons mate :p

    how ya been Grobby long time no see :)
  9. no bad ole chap
    spending a look of time on the "Darker side" when I have it .
    PM me your number and I will drop you a bell .
    say hello too your wife and lovely tin lid.
  10. I for one don't believe that is really Goober. The sentences are complete(ish), the writings are unmistakably English (or some derivative), and there is no acerbic counterpoint. A passable imposter maybe, but not the One True Goober.
  11. Ah, get used to it. My site gets hits from netrider all the time and no one bothers to even leave a comment.

  12. another one of the old boys
    Hows things mate , long time its been .
    Just to prove its me , i will pop up a photo that is unmistakeable .


  13. It's him alright. That photo proves it. Not because the creature on the left trying to intimidate the poor little bicycle cops looks a bit like him but because the camera has obviously started to self destruct while trying to photograph the scene.
  14. And I thought he was putting in a missing chin report.

  15. negotiating a truce in regards to a few noisy pipes that come down that night :wink: :grin: