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Weekender ex-Sydney: 7-9 September

Discussion in 'NSW' started by NiteKreeper, Aug 7, 2012.

  1. I'm heading north on Friday 7 September, with a loose plan to do Thunderbolts Way and the Oxley Highway over the weekend.
    I will stay in cheap pubs on Friday and Saturday night, and return sometime Sunday 9 September.
    All are welcome to join, but be aware there will be drinking at night.
    Here is the rough route plan, subject to change at the last minute and without notice.

    Sign up and abandon all hope here...

  2. I'm interested. How many km's est?
  3. 984Km by the Google map.
  4. Of course it goes without saying that I am IN!

    [MENTION=29245]sbb[/MENTION] has buggered his knee (that's 2 now) so not sure...

    [MENTION=33986]Tim.[/MENTION] I have not heard from - will DM.

    Can't wait!!! :)
  5. Excellent - I knew you like to go places...
    Shit news about Sbb though - hope the recovery is quick...

    Tobberas is keen, and I've put the word out with some others too.
    This is going to be epic...
  6. And what about [MENTION=31843]snuff3r[/MENTION] ?! Hopefully he can get a pass out and let the Daytona off the leash...
  7. Of course! I was trying to mention Snuffer too but forgot the '3' in his name.
    And in true "epic weekender" style, I've changed the route already - if we push on the extra hour on Friday to Gloucester, it'll give us more time on the Oxley on Saturday...
  8. Sweet - I would expect nothing less! What time are you thinking of leaving on Friday?
  9. Something more civilised than 9am, that's for sure!
    Maybe 11am, or even 12 - depends where we want to drink lunch...
  10. maybe...is all i'll say for now - too many times i've had to back out of rides for some reason...so...Maybe. (although i'll be far behind you guy's as my good behaviour bond will dictate my action's for awhile.)
  11. This sounds good, I'm on!

  12. I'm motherfarking IN. Just passed it by the boss, she's 100% with me going. Woot, can't wait!
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  13. Haha, just realised i might have put the snowy weekend in jeopardy. Gonna have to put the hard yards in re: the kids, et al. Laph.
  14. Sweet - a 2 month break to the Snowys so hopefully she will have forgotten about this trip by then!
  15. #16 sbb, Aug 13, 2012
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  16. I'd like to see you in a sidecar, with northerner driving.
    That'd be awesome...
  17. simple answer to that .. nope. not the way he rides ;)

    am hoping i get my leg bending enough to at least commute on the bike again soon, but overall have 6 months recovery time (have done my acl in my right knee, so will be knee reconstruction surgery and rehab)
  18. Coincidently, I'll be doing much the same ride that weekend with another crew...
  19. Cool - what route are you taking and where are you planning to stay?