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Weekend Trip to Halls Gap

Discussion in 'Roads, Touring, Journeys, and Travel' started by xXx, Jan 14, 2009.

  1. Tell me what you guys think and what i should add or delete.


    Its gonna be a weekend trip i will leave friday afternoon and prob stay at Ararat. Sat I will Prob stay in Port Campbell and Sunday its the trip home.

    Please advise of any detours that are a must.
  2. BTW the trip between Clunes and Daylesford is STUNNING in the late afternoon. The scenery is unique and the afternoon sun just sets it off.
  3. I'd be breaking up the Western Hwy by going via Daylesford, Clunes, Avoca, but it's not a must-do.
    Down near the coast, the road from Skenes Creek to Forrest is a ripper.
  4. Avoid Warrnambool, it's a hole! Just kidding, I am from there, it's not too bad.

    Check out the Flying Horse Inn, it's on your way in on the left, very good beer. Check out the whales too if it's that time of year, & if you can, keep going a bit further to Port Fairy, very nice little coastal town, although now it's full of Melbournites driving the price of real estate through the roof, but you get that. Still nice but.

    Have fun, don't forget to post pics!
  5. For Christ sake don't stay in Ararat any longer than you have too. You couldn't get a parachute to open past 7:30, and if you do stay, don't go out to the hotels. In Ararat hotels your head turns in to a punching bag after midnight, and you don't have to do anything wrong other than be in the wrong spot at the wrong time. Also be aware of the posibility of needle stick injuries in the toilets! It makes King Street in the City like a love in. Ararat is a rough town, as only idiots, druggies, and drunks live there, as they are too stupid or f$%ked to move anywhere else! I know this, because I live there! Do yourself a favour and ride through it, and stay in Halls Gap itself.
  6. The Western Highway is about as boring as a road can get.
    Far too many slow moving vehicles, and usually a cop or speed camera staked out anywhere you might have had a chance to overtake them (or hiding just inside the 60/80 zones in towns). If you're trying to get to Ararat in an afternoon I'm guessing you don't want to detour too far in which case taking the Glenelg Highway from Ballarat to Lake Bolac, then heading north into Ararat is a slightly more interesting road with typically a lot less traffic (and speed cameras). If you're not committed to staying in Ararat the caravan park in Stawell is quite good (I lived there for 3 months), this time of year it's usually populated with vacation students for the mine and itenerent abatoir workers which is better than a park full of kids.

    The route from Ararat is pretty much the same as the one I use, again I can recommend a good caravan park in Port Fairy. Only real difference is I tend to take the Skenes Creek road into Colac just to avoid going through Geelong - though that doesn't help you. Since you're heading to the SE you could always consider taking the Ferry from Queenscliffe over to Portsea/Sorrento.