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Weekend observations

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by Dp., Sep 13, 2010.

  1. Being really busy usually I have no time for any weekend fun rides but last weekend I got that opportunity and used it.
    They woke me up with the phone call calling to help fix a problem at work…

    Event 1. Left home to be followed by a police car for about 5 km. There is a T-intersection in 20 metres from my driveway, police car gave way and followed me. It was a bit annoying but at least got an opportunity to warm engine up properly. :)

    Event 2. At the first intersection with two lanes in each direction I changed lane to be first and finally get rid of that police car. The other lane was full and police car was the last vehicle long way from me. Next to me was some BMW with loud pipe, the driver apparently was enjoying the noise as he was constantly blipping throttle. Lights changed, having that blipping BMW next to me I took off harder than usual, just in case. It was enough to leave him behind…but the fun has ended pretty soon as a little Suzuki slowly pulled out from a car yard (at intersection) apparently without looking, blocked both lanes and slowly turned and continued just to turn right 50 metres down the road. Throttle off, mirrors check, BMW still far behind trying to catch up with me, indicator on, head check, clear, changed lane, mirrors check, BMW on my arse and we slowly following that bloody Suzuki. As soon as I saw their blinker I passed the car on the left, gave it a bit and made a huge gap between me and BMW. :-s

    Event 3. Already warmed up with those events I caught up with a scooter (looking like bigger than 50cc) doing 50-55 km/h in 60 zone. My right hand was itching wanting to open it up but the bloody scooter was in front of me, we were going up a little hill, visibility was limited and there was oncoming traffic. I had to follow him until I got the opportunity to overtake. Gave it a bit and overtook him. Finally I was left alone nobody in front and nobody on my arse. Freedom! But not for long as I arrived to work.

    Event 4. On the way home decided to take a much longer route instead of going straight home (about 80km instead of usual 14km). Have seen a lot of bikes of all sorts but NOBODY wearing proper gear. It is a bit disappointing to see that majority of riders don’t understand what the protective gear is made and used for. Anyway it is up to them and not of my business. One of them decided to show off for me, they do that sometimes usually by pulling wheelies, but this one was riding with both his hands in the air. Was looking like a complete tool especially in the broadies he was wearing. ](*,)

    Event 5. Caught up with a group of cars constantly doing 60-70-80-90-80-70-60-50-60-70-80-70-60-70-80-90km/h in 80km/h zone. Keeping constant speed driving in straight line outside of the town apparently is not an easy task for some people. :-s

    Event 6. Group of cars caught up with a pushbike doing 15km/h in 80k zone. Double lines, oncoming traffic. Everyone slowed down to 15km/h, pushbike rider does not care. Parallel to the road in 3-4 metres from him there is a dedicated pushbike path which he keeps ignoring. Nobody beeping at him but quietly waiting for a gap and crossing double lines overtaking him. :-s

    Event 7. Heading back to town in the 100km/h zone far in front of me I see a large truck. Truck slows down a bit, continues at that speed and starts overtaking a slow ute towing a boat. I was watching them it did take really long and all that time truck was on the wrong side of the road. Slowly I caught up with that ute too. It was doing about 90 when I started to overtake it. Opened it up a bit, started to overtake but see bike does it slower than expected. Bloody ute driver saw me overtaking and accelerated. What a tool! He probably did the same thing when truck was overtaking him. Not a problem for me just opened it up a bit more and problem solved. But what was the point? ](*,)

    Event 8. Saw a clown on a scooter. Open face helmet, shorts. I am still wondering how but he was riding and smoking. But the most funny thing is he was sitting on the scooter like on a sports bike. His feet were where pillion feet should be and because of that he was sitting on the very edge of the seat. I don’t know how he could sit like that…I guess he is an acrobat at the same time. =D>

    Event 9. Saw another clown on a 50cc scooter. This one apparently removed his exhaust. Trying really hard he was tailgating a car in front of him. I was at servo filling up bike after the ride and heard him coming across the street. Even stopped filling to watch him. =D>

    Event 10. Right wrist was slightly sore for a couple of hours after the ride. Throttle is pretty tough on FZ, it is not a problem during the ride but apparently requires to be fit to handle longer rides especially with lots of precise on and off applications and gear changes.
  2. Sounds like an average weekend here, damn tourists!

    Today was awesome for me coming home as the two slow vehicles i came across - an NT plated ute and then a small work truck with a cement mixer and wheelbarrow on the back both pulled over as they saw me approaching rapidly from behind and waved me past.
    Best run i have had for a while as far as other traffic affecting me.

    People who speed up when you finally get a chance to overtake them is one of my true pet peeves. Ive got many that i call pet peeve, but that is one of the higher ranked ones :p.
  3. From the first paragraph I thought this was going to be a nice recount of an unplanned and leisurely ride.

    I was looking forward to it too as we had our first child two weeks ago and as such I've been unable to get out for my weekend ride and I'm missing it so bad.

    Still its more than I've managed and appreciate the write up.
  4. Event 3. The ending made me laugh and unfortunately isn't that always the case where as you start having fun and roads clear up you arrive at the destination.

    Event 4. I was shocked more so than surprised at the amount of people riding around on motorbikes/scooter/mopeds around surfers/gold coast with next to no gear as you say with thongs/boardies. Though was suprised this was practiced more by females than males and I was worrying for them.

    Event 11. You have a very good memory and nearly as good as mine : )
  5. This is same exactly reason why I have no time...our second child was born 18 months ago...so...no way since then.
  6. u guys suck, dont blame the kids, you're the only thing stopping yourselves from riding (or the mrs), ive got young kids and i ride everyday, ride every weekend, id be riding right now but my dinners nearly ready.
  7. and one of these days you might grow up and learn some consideration for others too
  8. @ironcannibal - I was going to post something but then realised that if I devoted time to every person on the internet who's wrong, I won't have time to go off and be sucky somewhere...
  9. Go for a scoot up Mt Glorious in Brisbane - you will see ALL the riders wearing the gear.
    Not like the Gold Coast where its about supposedly looking fashionable!
    Ive even seen a girl in blouse, skirt and high heels on a scooter!
  10. yeah maybe
  11. hey cool man
  12. Not blaming the kid/s and I do ride everyday albeit to work - what I was saying is I haven't had the chance to get out for a good weekend ride. The second he learns to sleep for more than 2hrs at a time I'll be back on the road.
  13. i take it back, my bad
  14. The advantage of having older kids is, when you are left with just 1 of them they can come along for the ride too, makes there day
  15. Oh man once I'm able to take him out on the bike (or even better on his own bike) we're off. How small are those 50cc kids bike numbers - from what age can you let them loose on one of those?

    Sorry to hijack thread
  16. As young as your wife allows.
  17. she's not the boss of me8-[
  18. I'm trying not to be confrontational today because I'm a little tired, but there's too much concern about what OTHERS are wearing.