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Weekend clip Part 2

Discussion in 'Multimedia' started by gixxersrule, Nov 25, 2005.

  1. Nice........... :D :D :D :D Very nice :D :D :D :D

    Look forward to seing more in the near future buddy...
  2. Looks like you got the corner speeds up to par in this one. Gotten the tyres warmed up for this run eh?

    What tyres are you running incidentally?
  3. Thanks bloke,should have some more soon 8)

    lol when thers no traffic on my side of the road it makes it easier to go a bit faster,oncoming traffic makes me hold back a smidgen too :wink:

    Pirelli Super Corsas :wink:
  4. Hmmm .. 2nd corner (right hander). Did you miss-judge and tip-in a little too early, or did the car surprise you?

    Any footage of the section beyond the car park where you do the u-turn?
  5. Car come round a bit wide :?

    To answer your other question: No not yet mate,maybe next time :wink:
  7. Hmmm, only if him being 60cm within his side of the line/lane is counted as being "too wide".

    On more than a few corners your head would be well over the other side of the lane, and perhaps that's what you're referring to.

    Take the line through the right handers a little wider and late apex them, and you won't have that issue. Looks to me like you're apexing the right handers way too early, and quite consistently too.

    Just a tip. Take it FWIW.
  8. thanks gixxer, I actually played part 1 again earlier tonight over a cold one - very enjoyable... thanks for part 2!
  9. Yeah gixxer. It's about time you learnt how to ride properly 8)
  10. LMAO, Yeh Gixxer :LOL: :LOL: :LOL: :p :p :p
  11. Ok,i'll rephrase it,car came wider than i expected :roll: If you knew the road at all you'd know that corners is fairly wide on the inside,half the cagers take a tight line the other half come wide.Rather than being an armchair expert you are more than welcome to come up any time and show me how slow i am and what im doing wrong :wink:

    No worries matey,glad to entertain ya :wink:
  12. Ah, thought so .. we can't see that within the camera frame unfortunately.

    Enjoy your vid's, and would be interested to see your cornering through the u-turns :)
  14. Just because he's riding quickly, and he is setting a pretty decent pace through the corners, doesn't mean that there's never room for improvement.

    He expressed a concern about a car taking a corner too wide when that car was 60cm in its own lane, and has expressed a couple of times now that oncoming traffic puts him off, and the reason is because he's cornering with his head well over the line and into their lane, so of course any oncoming car is going to upset someone cornering like that - the head is going to meet with the side-mirror.

    If he takes it a little wider and late apexes it, he'll hold a higher corner speed, his head won't be impacting other cars that are still well within their lane, and he'll be able to get better drive out of corners.

    Hey, if you want to go on kissing his butt when his head is about to be taken off, go for it. Won't help him keep his head if a car REALLY goes wide around a blind right hander.
  15. Cathar has a point. Gixxer might be taking the right sort of line for a best-speed run (ie, racing line) - but a better line for the road is do as Cathar is suggesting, and tip-in a little later, staying on the outside of the corner until you can clearly see the exit.

    It's just a general tip for safer, more enjoyable road-riding. Might slow down your 'run' but you'll feel faster and have more fun. :)
  16. So how many times have you ridden with me mate? You seem to be quite the expert on my style after watching 2 vids from a camera mounted on my tank :roll: I take lessons from people who i know are good riders,not an armchair expert on the net,nuff said. :wink:
  17. So what would you like to know gixxer? :LOL: :LOL:
  18. lmao :LOL: smart arse!! :LOL: When are you comin up our way mate? Would love to see ya up there!! 8)
  19. LOL. Yep. An admitted concern about oncoming traffic still well within their own lane, two videos showing exactly what the problem is, and an openly arrogant attitude to match whenever someone offers good advice as opposed to kissing butt. Clearly all that you ever really wanted to hear from anyone here is "How great you are!". Such an attitude doesn't surprise me at all.

    Good luck with that! I'm out.