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Weekend chuckle...

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by Bigchief, Apr 27, 2008.

  1. Whilst I was checking the motorbike's tyre pressure with a pocket gauge a P plate cager asks me "Are you checking the bike's oil?"...

    I was tempted to say 'yeah mate, that's why I'm checking the tyres'... :LOL:

  2. :LOL:
    Technically you are :shock:
    "Tyres are typically made out of styrene-butadiene (SBR) rubber.
    And this chemical comes from oil processing/refining, so tyres come from oil" :LOL:
  3. LOL, this guys in for surprise when he figures out that you don't need to mix oil and petrol for cars :shock:
  4. Since when?
  5. this one does
  6. Yeh well you dont really know what the guy was thinking, maybe he has a mate with a 2stroke that needs oil top ups. or maybe he thinks hes a comedian, or maybe hes just like 99% of the population RETARDED. :LOL:
  7. Depending on how you were crouching and what wheel you were checking I can see you might get confused :S

    Maybe he just wanted an in... to talk about your bike... maybe get your number? :D j/k

    Smooth pick up line but, hey... baby... can I check your oil?
  8. Sounds as good as the chick who asked me to help her fill her car with oil, cause she couldn't get it in. I was like what the?? Turns out she was trying to put the oil in the dipstick hole!!!!!
  9. What an idiot, everyone knows you just use a skinny funnel :LOL:

  10. Like the blonde chick that went to her mechanic asking for a new 710 cap because she'd lost hers.

    Think about it.

  11. ah, the Dart...
    my step-dad has an unrestored one, in an ugly shade of aqua. my best mates have all been shown, the last one (a rider) immediately started devising a plan to fit a Busa engine in the back
  12. Whenever a mate of mine sees someone with car troubles no matter what the problem is the first thing he asks is: "blown gasket mate?"

    Personally I find it to be the funniest thing ever, provides me with a good 30 seconds of laughs before we offer to help change the tyre.
  13. i find cliche sayings hilarious too

    (me) "what are you drinking?"
    (non-dyke looking woman at the pub) "just water, thanks"
    "what are you, GAY?!"
  14. LoL what a noob...

    When I sold my first CBR this azn kid comes to take it for a test ride... he turns the key all the way to the right and then to the left and then all the way to the right again, says "why isn't it starting?". im thinking to myself what a NOOB.

    Showed him the starter button and explained to him that like most later model road bikes it is a button start!

    Anywayz he gets on and after 2 times if stalling it and one time almost chucking a wheelie cuz he reved it too much he rides away... while im talking to his mate all the next the i hear is


    Turn around the bikes skiding across the groun and the azn kid is flying mid-air...

    I ran over to him pulled the bike to the side of the road and said what happend?

    He replied "I guess im buying it then?"

    Looked at him blankley then smiled and said "fcukING GOOD GUESS BUDDY!!!"

    anywayz i sold it for the adversited price even though i had it as O.N.O due to the accident there was NO room for negotiation.

    By the way... the guy held a current full motorbike victorian liscence and the bike was a 250!
  15. Nooorrttt the daaarrrtttt! :LOL:
  16. :rofl:
  17. Did he first ask to see her 58008 invoice?
  18. LoL nice...

    Did he offer her 5317707 if she got into his van?
  19. :rofl:

    Seriously though, I just wasted 10 minutes trying to see if I could add anything to it...
  20. perhaps when she asked for her 710 cap she should have got some 710.77345