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Week 1: Triumph Street Triple R

Discussion in 'Naked' started by davesquirrel, Sep 12, 2014.

  1. Picked up "Tess" on Monday from Peter Stevens Dandenong. Having had a couple of "have I made the right choice" moments between putting the deposit down and taking in and saying goodbye to my first bike, I walked out and saw her, and fell totally in love again. Rode home very gingerly, and parked up until the rain went away.

    First ride out on Wednesday, just to Ferntree Gully and then home via Belgrave, Gembrook and the Cardinia Reservoir. Noticed a bit of oil on the exhaust. Cleaned it off and wiped the bike down when I got home.

    Another commute to the Gully today, noticed more oil on the tailpipe and exhaust. Checked filler cap, other places, found it coming out of the blanking plug behind the clutch cable. Called PS, they let the service guys know I was on my way in. Got to Dandenong, handed the bike over and in she went. Hadn't even had time to drink my cup of tea before she was back out. They'd put some sort of sealant on the plug and put it back in.

    Got home, heaps more oil over the exhaust and elsewhere, so another phone call was made, and a replacement blanking plug is being ordered and hopefully this will all be sorted early next week.

    Other than that, i'm still loving the new lady in my life. Hell of a difference from a VTR250, and am just getting to work out clutch bite point and that I have to go steady with the throttle or i'm going to be lacking a licence very quickly. Loving the shift lights - have programmed them to 4900rpm while I run her in. Heated hand grips are the best invention ever, and those weird headlights have totally grown on me.

    Sadly not the end to the week I was hoping for - had plans to do a few hundred kilometres tomorrow, but at least I can cheer myself up a bit with a new telly arriving...
  2. Its seems to be a common problem with the 2013. I know of a few people who have had the same issue, myself included. I fixed it myself. Get them to check the other side as well, there is a second plug near the oil filter.

    What colour did your get her in? I got the matt graphite.

    Enjoy her
  3. Looks like they haven't fixed it on the 2014. Perhaps next year, who knows...

    White. I saw the matt graphite one and had second thoughts about my choice of colour.

    Any other things I should keep an eye on?
  4. Just the speedo, I went from a 250 to my girl, she will take you well past legal speeds with relative ease and quicker than you think
  5. I would like to say that it is the way they are doing their Pre delivery checks, but I got mine from AJ's in shepparton
  6. I've noticed. Even changing well in advance of the 5000rpm mark has me away from the lights at a brisk pace. Victorian roads also aren't in the greatest condition for keeping at a steady speed if you're not expecting it, every light jolt results in an increase or decrease of speed just enough to get me a ticket. The lack of a front number plate might have stood me in good stead earlier this week (unless of course he took my photo after i'd passed...)
  7. Incidentally Fridgy, on the off chance the dealer don't fix it next visit, what did you do to sort yours out?
  8. Took the blanking plugs out, cleaned the threads and reseated them with some permatex no2
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  9. Grand job, if the dealer doesn't fix it tomorrow with a new blanking plug, I might suggest they try that when I return it and leave it with them...
  10. Hi guys, I suggest looking up a discussion on running in a new engine that it out there somewhere on the internet. Babying the engine and running in as per the owners manual will not give you the best results. Nor will thrashing the guts out of it. The best method is somewhere in between. If redline is 10,000 or 11000, then don't be afraid to give it a good dose of throttle up to about 7,000. Wide open throttle up to about 7,000 gets good pressure behind the rings and cleans off the factory honing marks for the best bedding in of rings and bearings.
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  11. It's trying to find that happy medium, while paying attention to the speedo and not embedding myself in anything else on the road, that's the trick. I think on tomorrow's planned ride (assuming it's a successful fix) i'll push her a bit beyond the suggested 5000rpm mark and be a bit more liberal with the throttle where possible...
  12. How's your machine travelling? Any problems or tips? I'm picking up my new street triple RX this week. Can't wait. Used to have a daytona, love that engine!