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Weeeeeee I have my bike :-D

Discussion in 'New Riders and Riding Tips' started by zilly, Oct 20, 2007.

  1. Yay I have my bike, and the GRIN is huge =D

    up to 17km on the odometer, figured I would take a break read the manual and then go out for some more riding =D

    I think i have to adjust the brake lever & clutch lever so it suits my hand better =D

    But loving it :p


  2. :woot:
    Congrats mate, enjoy
  3. Oh and I managed to do a silly thing on the way home, stopped at an intersection, took off smoothly, went to shift up, and found neutral instead of 2nd... (oops :p). but quickly up-shifted and was off =D
  4. Congrats on the bike there matey..... :cool:
    You'll have some good times on it.
  5. Congrats zilly!! Did you get Micr0n pipe fitted before you picked it up?? Is it good?
  6. yeah got the pipe fitted before I got the bike as its a full head unit. It makes it purrrrrr, its quite audible =D
  7. I have some pics now =D
  8. I love the look of the new CBR125R and you have nicely colour coordinated with your gear!

    Whats that exhaust on it it looks like a motogp exhaust lol! Is it the micron one?
  9. Congrats mate,

    I'm sure you'll have a ball on your new ride :grin:
  10. Wicked.

    Well done.

    Be safe ey....
  11. Its a micron exhaust =D I got it cause it sounds cooler :p

    ooohhh apparently Micr0n is a naughty word... I would never have guessed
  12. Drag me through the corkscew like a bad little squirrel!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :woot: :dance: :-w
  13. ooh! another cbr125'er :D congrats! I see you went for the red power ranger motif as i went for the blue power ranger motif =D

    the bike really breaks in at around 1200km so don't try and push it too hard just yet :)
  14. yeah just taking it easy at the moment, only up to 50kms but getting there =D

    Took it out on the freeway for the first time, that was an interesting experience with the amount of wind increasing
  15. nice to see you match the bike lol.

    btw that jacket looks better in blue :p :cool:

  16. but then it wouldn't match my bike :p
    besides nickt is already the blue power ranger, let me be the red one :p
  17. heheh. are they draggin camo pants? im getting kind of bored wearing jeans every day =p wonder if theres a blue verson...
  18. congrats on the bike pal, looks good with ur kit. safe riding
  19. :eek: so going to get some! :grin: