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Wee46's 1996 Honda RVF400 NC35

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  1. Wee46 submitted a new Showcase Item:

    Wee46's 1996 Honda RVF400 NC35

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  2. Very nice. What makes you doubt the odo?
  3. Jap import, surely its been tampered with.
  4. Good one to hang onto I recon.
  5. Always loved that bike. I bought mine 5 years old with 19,000k, put 20,000k on it in 1 year then stored it since 1992. 28 years old now with 39,000 genuine k’s. It’s certainly possible with yours too. The only thing I know re Jap imports is that their car engines can only do 40,000k, but the car can be much older.
  6. Very nice ! I just love the paint scheme !
  7. Something about single sided swing arms make me tingle in my pants
  8. Agreed. Ever since the original RC30 and the Ducati 916 I've thought that they improve the look of the rear of a bike, making it look 'cleaner'. Then again I might be biased as I have a VFR800...now if only I could get rid of that bulky can so I could see more of the rear wheel...
  9. Very nice.. Don't see too many of those these days.