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Wee Willy visor cleaner

Discussion in 'Riding Gear and Bike Accessories/Parts' started by penno2, Nov 5, 2007.

  1. Hey guys

    I really like the sound of the Wee Willy visor cleaner "system". I like the idea of being able to clean my visor whilst actually riding. Does anyone know of a local distributor of this product? Or a similar product?

    any comments on how well these kinda things worth would be interesting too.



  2. haha, nah, I mean a cool lil bottle like this:


    Quick spray, then a scrub, and then a squeegee. Clean helmet without even having to slow down! How cool would that be!
  3. Yeah, like when you spray and scrub, reckon you can see??
    Try it :LOL: :LOL:
  4. If its that bad that you need to clean so often that you cant stop. You shouldnt be riding.

    Why would anyone be attracted to a product called Wee Willy anyway...
  5. From what I understand, yeah, I reckon you can. And if I can get my hands on this, or a similar product, I'll definitely give it a whirl. :grin: Anyway, nothin' wrong with having a compact, self-contained "cleaning kit".

    At what point did I say I can't stop to clean my visor? Or was that just your imagination? :p
  6. 1) What TWEET meant was that if you spray that stuff on your visor when you're riding then you're going to have a hell of a time seeing through it - read: liquid on a plastic visor

    2) Calm down mate :p
  7. What I ment in that was if you have to clean it so often that it takes too much time stoping to do it, the conditions would most prob be too poor to ride in safely
  8. 1) Yeah, and what I meant was that I reckon you'll be ablet to see "adequately" to perform this operation in safety. If ya choose ya time (I certainly wouldn't be trying it on in rush hour for instance). I haven't confirmed this, cos I don't know where to buy the stuff! haha
    2) I'm calm. I've taken my pill, hehe. Yeah I getcha now khlarton. :) Still, just because I want to be able to clean my visor on the go, doesn't mean it's because conditions are bad. Life is all about choices. Y'know. Different things for different people n all that. SOme people like the idea of the Wee Willy's (hence them appearing on the market).
  9. Cleaning on the go = tear off strips.

    Good luck with gloved hands unzipping the packet with the wee willy, then spray wipe and squeejee and then putting it back in and zipping up... all while moving.

    Each to their own.
  10. Simple. Just set the cruise control, then you've got two hands you can work with. :wink:

    I happened to catch some roundy-roundy action from the States on the weekend. Those f*ckers have huge tear-off's on their WINDSCREENS! :shock:
  11. Why stop at just cleaning your visor while you're riding? Perhaps you could really save yourself some time in the morning and brush your teeth, shave, eat your breakfast, drink a coffee AND read the paper while you're riding along :p

    Seriously - I don't think pulling out the spray bottle and spraying the visor, scrubbing it and squeegeeing it - all while you are riding - is the best idea. I'm all for the idea of a compact cleaning kit you could carry with you, but I hardly think the intention was that it be used WHILE you are actually in motion...

  12. Fair estimate on how long it would take to clean the visor, we'll say 10 seconds?

    Next time you're riding and its one of those times you can "adequately perform this operation in safety" close your eyes for 10seconds and move your hand around in front of your helmet.
    See what happens :D
  13. heh. Reminds me of the bike reviewer that wanted to evaluate the pillion seat of the FJR1200, but didn't have a pillion handy. So he found a nice stretch of road, put that baby on cruise, and ... tried out the pillion seat!
    I don't know what their intention was. If it can be done safely (in my opinion), I'll do it. If it can't, then I won't do it. Ya never know till ya try.
    SUre 10 seconds maybe. You've lost me with your next statement. You seem to be assuming that visibility would be nil whilst doing this. I find that highly unlikely. Have you tried it yourself? (And no, I haven't tried it. I'm just using what passes for common sense in my mind - it's known to be faulty! :) But I think this procedure could be handy, and I think safe. Won't know until I give it a whirl. I do know that people pass these things around while riding.)

    Anyway, back to the original question, does anyone know where i might buy one? fwiw, I'm not really interested in comments about how allegedly unsafe it is.
  14. There are quite a lot of BMW dealers on the list, maybe contact a BMW dealer in Australia, and see what they can do for you? Or contact Wee Willy and see if they will send it to you, or a bike dealer near you?

    Also there is the V2 Sponge, doesn't use liquid, but looks a lot like the Chux Erasers, maybe the Chux version would work just as well.

    I use glasses cleaner and cloth from the optometrist before I leave, and take the cleaning cloth with me - use water to get rid of crap, and the cleaning cloth to polish the water marks out.
  15. How interesting.. I seem to remember some O/S beemer sites popping up when searching for a distributor. Might ask my beemer-riding mate what he knows. Although I don't like talking to him after seeing where the valve stems are on his K1200R. Valve stems should not be that easy to access. It's just *wrong*. :wink:

    Hmm V2 sponge hey... Chux Eraser.. I'll be checkin' those out too. Ta very much. :)