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Wee Jasper Trip

Discussion in 'Multimedia' started by Exonoesis, Dec 19, 2011.

  1. Got Viewing box working :D
    My wee-jasper ride Enjoy

    If anyone else is keen to do that ride with me again add me i am keen to do it alot more this summer, plenty of corners:p

    Jack Hamilton

  2. Geez. This guy asks me to show him the road, then asks me to give him a demo of editing software and THEN comes up with this great story and video. I'm not showing you anything else dude. :)
  3. I said everything after the ? but I think it's actually everything after the =. Try that instead.
  4. i go shooting down there
  5. Hey Jack, this is Rhys's mate Jason from fb, lol small world buddy.

    Looks like you had a nice trip out there.
  6. Brilliant video :woot:=D>
  7. Great Vid, I haven't done this road for a while,.

    Is it sealed all the way to Tumut now?
  8. From Yass yes, however if your coming from canberra through Urriara there is 4.8km of dirt then sealed all the way, small price to pay if you ride slow for 10 minutes, saves doing the extra 43 km through yass. the dirt is all heavly compacted so shouldnt be a problem
  9. Wow mate, great vid. So did you catch any fish?
  10. love the vid!! great job :)

  11. I caught a couple Redfin, threw them back was after trout.

    2 guys in a boat caught a Cod 100 pounds. was pretty incredible.

    my first riding video:p it came together quite well.

    so thanks.